by babash 19 Apr 2018

Just wondering if anyone has noticed Nicole's embroidery hasn't had any new designs lately. Hoping all is well with her.

Maybe someone on here knows something.


by babash 20 Apr 2018

I will be sad to see her go as her designs sew out so well. Thank you for letting us know.

by PeggyJ 20 Apr 2018

So sorry for hearing this news. Before she closes, please take the time to check out my favorites - the Owls with brilliant yes, Vintage baby girls and boys and of course Stella, Margaret and friends. These can be found in the category searches. These sew so beautifully and are so useful and make such fun charming gifts for friends.

by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2018

I heard she would be closing her website this year..

by ribblev 19 Apr 2018

I too noticed she was missing.... Her e mail today tells me she has personal and health problems and is closing her site about mid year. She is offering all her design sets at $7.
This will be a sad loss to our embroidery family........Ann