by pamhayes 9d ago

Looking for free files for Knock down stitch in various shapes suitable for towel/ minky . I would like basic shapes to add Monograms or embroidery designs.


by jofrog2000 7d ago rectangle is free, and 9 other shapes for a modest amount. All have multi sizes' 7 shapes, multi sizes on sale.

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pamhayes by pamhayes 7d ago

Thank you . Will try the Freebie

by cfidl 8d ago

I am not sure if I can mention craftsy. huglonger has an oval with no frame.

pamhayes by pamhayes 8d ago

I found this but couldn't download it. There are some on Etsy , but I wanted one to try first

caliciae by caliciae 7d ago

Did you make sure you were logged in? Do you have a pop up blocker turned on? (download page comes up like a pop up) Were you on a desktop or phone? I just checked & it's still available so hopefully we can figure out why it wouldn't download for you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 8d ago

I have no answer as far as the files.
I usually use bridal quality tulle to lay on the material like towel or minky. After the design is stitched, the tulle tears away easily enough

joycedia by joycedia 8d ago

the tulle works really well, tears away easily, and you can use it under a monogram or any shape/size design. This is helpful when you don't have the right popover design.

pamhayes by pamhayes 8d ago

Thank you , do you still use washaway on the top ?

joycedia by joycedia 5d ago

no washaway needed. The tulle is all you need.
But, just found this site and they have several that would work. Not free but they would work wonderfully.

by agehya 8d ago

Here is another freebie, a Christmas tree one:

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pamhayes by pamhayes 8d ago

thank you