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by kustomkuddle ( edited 15 Apr 2018 ) 15 Apr 2018

This is from my bedroom window today April 16. Not snow this time, but sleet and ice. Everything is shut down because the roads are so treacherous. Even church was canceled this morning. Not once has it been closed all winter. But now when spring is supposed to be here.....We were supposed to be grilling burgers and hotdogs for my 9 (tommorow is her bd) birthday. We had to postpone until next weekend. Just not worth the risk to have everyone out on the roads to come to her party. Spring where are you?????

Sorry not sure why pic is upside down.


by cfidl 16 Apr 2018

Wowzer! Stay warm and have a great party next weekend!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Apr 2018

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Makes me shiver. I hope next week will be better for grilling.

by graceandham 15 Apr 2018

Oh, my! This looks quite chilly. I think I would stay in and postpone the grilling, too.

by gerryvb 15 Apr 2018

oh my....try to stay warm !!
When I click on the picture in google chrome it shows the right side up, but when I click on it in Explorer it stays upside down. But right or upside down....both look very cold....

by lbrow 15 Apr 2018

Brrrr! Hope Spring arrives soon. It's s finally getting to Alabama but coming in roaring with storms and tornados

lbrow by lbrow 15 Apr 2018

Pic was right side up when I clicked on it

gerryb by gerryb 15 Apr 2018

Was for me too!