by stillbehind 12 Apr 2018

Can anyone tell me the name of the designer that did the "CD Coasters"?


by stillbehind 13 Apr 2018

Thank you ladies. I do belong to Engineered in Stitches and never thought to check the files. I'll do that now. Thank you again.
Ellen in Las Vegas

by pcteddyb 12 Apr 2018

Sue did many of them. She has a facebook group "Engineered in Stitches" where she has her designs and you pay by donating to a charity (all the details are in the group).

by dragonflyer 12 Apr 2018

I digitized some a few years ago....

by dailylaundry 12 Apr 2018

I know our own spendlove (Sue) did some - years ago. But, I also purchased some from Embroidery Garden. Hope you find what you need! Hugs, Laura

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 12 Apr 2018

Sorry - Kim!! Somehow I missed yours!!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 12 Apr 2018

No worries, Laura...