by pennyhal2 07 Apr 2018

I saw that Sulky has a product that you iron on the back side of a for a seal the back so that water doesn't drip through the holes made by the needle when stitching a design. Has anyone used this product?


by dragonflyer 11 Apr 2018

Hmmm, after reading about this, not sure it would be very useful for most of my is designed for "waterproof" or "water-repellent" fabrics to be applied to them after embroidery to prevent moisture from getting through needlepoints...I don't use very much waterproof fabric or water-repellent fabrics to begin with...

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 11 Apr 2018

I agree, but there are some applications that might be useful for me. Like, when I do a doily to go under a plant that I put on the table, It would help protect the wood from any moisture that may collect there...or when I put a bottle of wine on the table and it sweats before I have time to drink it all!

by marianb 08 Apr 2018

Sounds very interesting...

by Sewmum1 08 Apr 2018

I've not used it. The stitch 'n seal here is expensive so not sure I will be in a rush to try it. Would love to hear if anyone else has used it though

by shirley124 07 Apr 2018

Sounds interesting. Hugs

by dragonflyer 07 Apr 2018

Hmmm, what is it called?