by janwheat1 17d ago

Why doesn't your site have a "Search"? I saw one of your designs shown somewhere else, but when I get to your site there are 2,000+ pages - I don't have time to scroll through all of them - looking for the pansy mug rug.


by mops Moderator 17d ago

There are tags to help you search, faster then going through the (304) pages of the embroidery section.
Looking through the thousands of pages of the Project section may give a lot of inspiration and new ideas, but the designs can be from any site, not just from this one, or even from no site at all as they were digitised by the members themselves.

by rescuer Moderator 17d ago

Welcome to Cute!
That design is not currently available. It was in an area of the website that has been closed for maintenance and complete checking of all the files located there.
We do have a search system (we use tags) that will help you find what you want (if it is available) or you are welcome to ask for help in the Community.