by jmcollins 18d ago

Will we EVER be able to access all the designs on Cute like we used to?? Seems we have waited for years for it to be "fixed for maintenance", yet designs by person supposed to be fixing it appear many times a day...what's going on?????


by rescuer Moderator 16d ago

Please can you explain the part of your post that says, "...designs by person supposed to be fixing it..." Who is posting designs many times a day?

by mops Moderator 18d ago

I wonder whether you have given a thought to who would be willing to monitor that section in the future. And believe you me that would take a lot of time. You can't expect the owner of the site to do that. So I would not be surprised if it never returned. Don't blame the owner, blame the ones that did not comply with copyright rules!
Personally I would withdraw my contributions as I know some of them were sold - I was offered some by a non-buyer at a craft fair for "half the price I paid for them".

by crafter2243 Moderator 18d ago

I am not sure if we ever will get the that feature back. This was something that the owner allowed for members to post their digitized data for free. These were not digitized by the owner of this site. Unfortunately her kindness was rewarded by copyrighted material and consequently a thread of a lawsuit.

I am not sure what you mean when you say "designs by person supposed to be fixing it appear many times a day". Are you talking about the owner of this website that creates new designs to be able to sell? Somehow the cost of this site needs to be covered.

Maybe we will get that feature back and maybe we will not. It is totally up to the owner,