by basketkase 06 Apr 2018

Am working with a client who owns a local boutique and is branding her own clothing.....this is her brand that is stitched out on a leather jacket back.....I am doing a run of jackets and pants, too, will show those as I stitch them....

the wings are because her dad was a pilot and the inner text is roman numerals of her birthdate.......


by katydid 11 Apr 2018

i have forgotten my roman numerals, but thought X was 10 and M was 1000. some one help me. Kay

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mops by mops 11 Apr 2018

X=10, V=5 and I=1. So the number is 24.

I love playing with numbers and wondered whether it would be day and month, the American way XX-IV (mm-dd gives Oct 14) or the European way (dd-mm) either XXI-V (21 May) or XX-IV (20 Apr).

by dragonflyer 10 Apr 2018

She will be thrilled! Another great job!

by mops Moderator 10 Apr 2018

Look wonderful, Vicky. Nice work on the leather. I love the wings and you got me guessing at the date - mm-dd (10-14) or the european way dd-mm (20-04 or 21-05).

by pennyhal2 07 Apr 2018

I am turning green with envy of your stitching skills! You just do it all, and everything turns out fabulous! She's going to love this jacket.

by kustomkuddle 07 Apr 2018

Awesome. I've done suede but not leather. I'd be hesitant to try real leather.

by pennifold 06 Apr 2018

Fantastic job Vicki. May I ask what sort of needle you use when sewing Leather? Does the needle cut the material, I'm always wary of sewing with Leather? Love Chris

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basketkase by basketkase 07 Apr 2018

I ran my machine full bore (1100 SPM) and regular 75/11 needle, I don't have any special needles for the stitched cuts or tears.....

by graceandham 06 Apr 2018

She has a great piece of art work, and just the right person to stitch it out well. Looks awesome!

by noah 06 Apr 2018


by babash 06 Apr 2018

Wow that looks classy.
I would be a bit intimidated doing embroidery on Leather but you make it look so easy. Which I am guessing it isn't.
Well done.

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noah by noah 06 Apr 2018

Me to vicki is goodddddddddd