by jimsgal97 18d ago

I recently joined a FB group that had an adorable cat ITH zippered purse. The posting was dated 12-7-2017. Help! I need this for my granddaughter!!!

Thank you in advance,


by mops Moderator 16d ago

If you joined Engineered in Stitches read the pinned post and it explains everything you want to know about downloading and donating.

by rescuer Moderator 16d ago

Sherry, the designer of that cat you seek has a FB closed group called Engineered Stitches. She has heard of your request, modified the design file to improve it, and added the design file to her group files. In her group she asks you donate to a cause dear to her heart. Please read about it and be prepared to donate money to that cause.

by rescuer Moderator 18d ago

That design is not currently available. The section of the website that had that design has been closed for maintenance and checking of all the files. We don't know when that area will be open again.

by crafter2243 Moderator 18d ago

Sherry I would think that if you go to the group you joined that you would be able to get the info. Also for questions that are not related to the navigation of this site get answered much faster in the Community. Hope you get your answer. Welcome to Cute