by Sewmum1 06 Apr 2018

I stumbled on for a video from the threads magazine about installing an invisible zipper that shows a new to me technique. It would be good when making clothes from scratch and also shows sewing the invisible zip using a regular zipper foot. Thought i would share it here.


by vickiannette 09 Apr 2018

I actually have used this method, after watching the youtube instructions. However, my fabric was too lacey and too thick. It sewed very close and then the zip wouldn't go up and down properly, so finished up using a normal zip. Will use it on fine fabrics though, as it worked really well.

by lilylady 06 Apr 2018

Very good video, thank you for sharing!

by babash 06 Apr 2018

Wow great video and so well explained.

by stork 06 Apr 2018

That was fantastic! I need to remember this and teach the older 4-Hers how to do this method. Thank you!

by sewdoctor 06 Apr 2018

Thank the long run that would be quicker than taking it out and trying again a couple of times to get it straight!

by janelle 06 Apr 2018


by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Apr 2018

Thank you.

by jofrog2000 06 Apr 2018

What a pleasant voice that man has. I watched to see if there was anything new to the process. Nice to see you can use the zipper foot, though I still have my invisible zipper foot, which is nice because it's made to sit right on top of the coil (there's a channel) so nothing shifts.
I sure hope this catches on again, I hate those dresses with an exposed zipper. Especially if they are super fancy and then have a zipper screaming look at me.

babash by babash 06 Apr 2018

I agree with you about the zippers showing on the back. My thought on this is a shipment was sent to a store and the zips were stitched on the outside by mistake and instead of fixing them someone decided to start a new trend and make out this is the way it was intended to be and charged more for it.
A bit like the jeans with holes in them you pay more for the ones with holes than with out.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 06 Apr 2018

I prefer to use my invisible zipper foot too and it saves time and stitched in the perfect place every time.
Never liked holes in jeans or exposed zips on clothes or even raw hems. Just feels like the clothes were not finished properly

by kustomkuddle 06 Apr 2018

Timely post. I just ordered a grab bag of 100 zippers and over half were invisible zippers. I was wondering how I could use them. Thank you for posting this.

by dalebugbowl 06 Apr 2018

Thank you!