by basketkase 04 Apr 2018

Did 2 pretty designs today....again am thinking spring especially since we got snow last night and more coming tomorrow.....gggrrrr! These are French Rose and Floral Flys......these will be up on my website those that were interested, the Harley White Works will be up on my website tonight as well........


by squilts 08 Apr 2018

Would love to get this is so good.....

by noah 06 Apr 2018

How big is this i must go buy it lol

by grammakempf 05 Apr 2018

where did you find the harley one?

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 05 Apr 2018

Welcome to Cuties!

Basketcase is the name of the website

by katydid 05 Apr 2018

Glad to see the Harley going up on your site. Good thing that you did not plant any garden plants. The snow would have gotten them.

by noah 05 Apr 2018

love the last one off to buy it hugs

by pennifold 04 Apr 2018

Perfect as always. Love the Rose and the Harley! Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 04 Apr 2018

What a Awesome Rose design!!!Gorgeous!!

by kustomkuddle 04 Apr 2018

I am so ready for spring. We got snow last night also and it is still spitting snow. More is in the forecast. Had to laugh though. I think the people who snowplow for us are being optimistic as they came and picked up the markers this morning! Love the French rose.

by stork 04 Apr 2018

I love the rose....I too am looking forward to SPRING! I think Spring's gps got broken along the way. They are calling for snow again for South Central PA for Friday night into Saturday morning. We have the hoof trimmer coming for the heifers.....should be a cold and sloppy mess!!