by basketkase 21d ago

These will keep me busy today....have 15 to get would go fast but I need to slow machine down when it does the metallic gold thread........


by toogie 18d ago

Looks great Vicki. Do you do a basting stitch around first? It seems I can see a line at the bottom, or am I just imagining?

by sonjapotgieter 20d ago


by bemara 20d ago

Hi Vicki, Do you take the special needle? TopStitch !. there is a new yarn from Gunold, it's called Poly Flash and it does not break, wonderful. I do not know if you can buy it from you. . . . hugs Maria

basketkase by basketkase 20d ago

I will surely check it out!! I do not use a special needle, I did on the Bernina, but not on the Melco....

bemara by bemara 20d ago

I have a Brother V3 . . . i take a needle from Schmetz - Metallic Needle or Topstitch; topstitch is the better on :-)

by pennifold 21d ago

Great work as always. Love Chris

by gwillmann 21d ago

Very nice work!