by mops 31 Mar 2018

Neighbour asked for a guest towel with the beginning of Vivaldi's 4 seasons as a birthday gift for a friend of her. Asked yesterday, needed it before noon today. I digitized an embossed rectangle and the first few notes. It took 3 hours to digitise, 15 minutes to stitch. Now she wants more - I am so glad I ran out of blancs as I am busy enough for Easter celebrations.


by katydid 18 Apr 2018

I almost missed this. You did a great job. Did you use press away heat topping? I only do alteration for my family and my sweetie. I have learned to say no to others. Even when they say to just take my time that they are in no hurry, I still say no.

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mops by mops 18 Apr 2018

I did emboss the towel so I did not use a topping. The Summer one was sewn on a bamboo towel that had much shorter and finer loops, so no embossing but a wss topping. I removed as much as I could and then placed a wet paper kitchen towel on top, waiting a couple of minutes and removed the lot.
Forgot about the iron away topping - I must have some left and it usually gives good results. Thanks for reminding me.

by jenne 18 Apr 2018

Looks nice, love it.

by airyfairy 03 Apr 2018

A real labour of love. Well done Martine

by KlondikeKate 02 Apr 2018

You have a kind heart. Nicely done. Glad you did not let her walk all over you. Cheers to setting your bounderies. xo

by basketkase 02 Apr 2018

Beautifully done, Martine....

by lidiad edited 05 Apr 2018

Love your creation!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewtired 01 Apr 2018

Just lovely! I know a great many folks who would love that towel, including me.

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mops by mops 02 Apr 2018

Thank you.

by vickiannette 01 Apr 2018

Vivaldi would stand back in amazement wouldn't he. Probably want it all over his shirt [haha!] Great work and a little bit pushy of your client.

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2018

Thanks. I am afraid he would say: 'I want more'. lol

by mariagiannina 01 Apr 2018

It's beautiful! You are a very kind lady to do that at such short notice.

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2018

Thank you.

by jrob Moderator 31 Mar 2018

What a kind and generous heart you have.

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2018

Thanks, Jerrilyn.

by kustomkuddle 31 Mar 2018

Beautiful work. I love it. Such a wonderful thing to do for a neighbor who doesn't think you have anything else to do! Have a blessed Easter.

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2018

Thank you. Same to you!

by sewdeb 31 Mar 2018

Such a wonderful job! I hope you find time amongst the neighbors' requests to have a wonderful Easter!

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mops by mops 01 Apr 2018

Thank you. And I'm having a great time. Have a wonderful easter too.

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Mar 2018

Love it. You did an amazing job in spite of having so little time to do it. I think people have no idea what is involved.

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you. I was pleasantly surprised myself, those notes showed up great and the colour she chose is so much nicer than black. And me and my black are not on friendly terms lately; fortunately this brownish grey did not shread or break.

by noah 31 Mar 2018

Man your slow *****3 hours wowwwwwwwww*****lol
Love it hugs

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

lol, thanks!

by pennyhal2 31 Mar 2018

What a fabulous towel you created! You always create marvelous things!

Your generosity is amazing. I'm sorry that your neighbor was so inconsiderate. You might consider creating a "machine embroidery and digitizing" rate sheet and at the bottom put "alterations and sewing items not accepted." and "20% surcharge for rush items." The next time tell her that you are so busy now that you are having to charge for your services and ask her if she'd like a copy of your rate sheet. She may not be so friendly in the future, but that may not be a bad thing.

I always have mixed feelings about what to do in these situations. I did something free for a friend once. The next thing I knew she was bringing me all kinds of things to sew for her. So, when I got tired of it, I gave her her stuff back and told her I wasn't accepting sewing anymore. Family is different. But, my family always offer to pay me and that's a big difference.

mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

The neighbours are a nice bunch, helping out when necessary, but sometimes it's both inconvenient and not exactly necessary. Anyway, hubby said I was completely bonkers, but a good meal lightened the mood :)

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 01 Apr 2018

This made me laugh! What a great hubby!

katydid by katydid 18 Apr 2018

Been there, done that!

by gerryvb 31 Mar 2018

oh this looks so great !!! you did an amazing job !!
why people don't realize it takes time to make this ( digitizing and embroidering....) Fijne Paasdagen :)

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

I was quite pleased with how it stitched out. Jij ook Fijne Paasdagen!

by sonjapotgieter 31 Mar 2018

Wow Stunning!!!Well done

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you!

by teun 31 Mar 2018

Woww,wat knap. Bin begeistert
Fijne Paas dagen.Lgr. aan je man

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Jij ook fijne Paasdagen.

by cooperal 31 Mar 2018

How special! Avis

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you.

by rescuer Moderator 31 Mar 2018

Wow!! Excellent work!!
Try to enjoy your "free time"

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend!

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Mar 2018

Excellent work and what a great story. Seems those who don't sew always need it yesterday...

mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you. I told her it had taken 3 hrs to digitise and her reply was "but you enjoy the challenge". As if it could not be inconvenient :)

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 02 Apr 2018

Doesn't sound like she has a clue does it?

by barba 31 Mar 2018

Very nice. Makes me want to head to the piano to play and forget about cleaning. Looks fabulous. Hugs and Happy Easter, Barb

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thanks, and Happy Easter to you too!

by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2018

Beautiful job...last minute neighbor!

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thanks, she sure is.

by dailylaundry 31 Mar 2018

This is truly wonderful - but, I am sorry that your neighbor didn't ask you sooner. How does the saying go, "poor planning on your part does not make an emergency on my part". Nice job! Hugs, Laura

mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you. I love the saying!

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 02 Apr 2018

I have never heard that saying - I love it - will have to remember it.

parkermom by parkermom 03 Apr 2018

I used to have "proper prior planning prevents poor performance" on my classroom wall for all the times a certain kid would say "you never told us there was a test!" when I had it on the calendar, the board, their notes, etc. The saying in your post reminded me of that

by toogie 31 Mar 2018

Oh my! Talk about last minute!!!
You came through extremely well. It also goes to show people are no different 'round the world. They think just because you CAN do it, you WILL do it, not thinking/caring about your time for celebration. We like to enjoy festivities too!-lol
I am sure you had to have some knock down stitches or whatever they're called for the thin lines. You did a magnificent job! I hope she doesn't wait for last minute every time, now that she sees you pulled it off!!!

mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

No, but now she wants to have some pants legs made narrower...

sewtired by sewtired 01 Apr 2018

That's a whole different ballgame from embroidery.

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 02 Apr 2018

Did she offer to pay you? I hope she did at least offer. I find when I do free stuff - which is most always - that I get a half-hearted offer.

parkermom by parkermom 03 Apr 2018

This is the comment I get "are you sure I can't pay you anything?" Making me feel bad if I even suggest it. These people know how to play on people's nature don't they

by pennifold 31 Mar 2018

Well done Martine, what a lot of work and it looks fab! Love Chris

mops by mops 31 Mar 2018

Thank you.

LizRichardson by LizRichardson 22 Apr 2018

You should b so proud of yourself to rise to and conquer this challenge. I bet you were a warrior leader in another life! Do you sell this design because I am very new to digitising and nowhere near this standard and I would love this to put on a gift bag for a pianist friend of mine. Thank you.