by awesome1 30 Mar 2018

Again, 3rd donation to State Police today, but found the office locked tight. I wanted the toys to be available over holiday. 23 bears and 5 bunnies. Will attempt delivery again tomorrow. The troopers must all be out on the interstate and highways.


by kustomkuddle 31 Mar 2018

Wonderful gesture. Such a tragedy that they are needed but definitely a blessing for children in need. I'm sure the children will feel all the love that you put into them.

by pennifold 31 Mar 2018

What a wonderful gesture you have made. The children will love each one. Love Chris

by sewdeb 30 Mar 2018

What a wonderful thing you've done! I'm sure whoever receives one of these adorable toys will be thrilled!

by toogie 30 Mar 2018

Love your animals and your loving heart! Are the bears bigger than a 5x7 size? I really like that design and looks so huggable,too. I'd re-post in Projects, so all can be sure to see. Great work!

awesome1 by awesome1 30 Mar 2018

Yes Toogie, the bears are 10" and I even stopped the final stitching, extended the legs on sewing machine to make them a bit taller. I love their little faces with the eyelashes. Whew! I'm tired of stuffing for a while. However, the troopers are allowed only 2 toys per day, so my little pile won't last long!

toogie by toogie 30 Mar 2018

Too bad for me its not a sewing project. I would still need a embroidered face, though. Look at the bunny bags I made in Project. The little yellow one is in-the-hoop while I traced my pink one a little larger and sewed it on the sewing machine. I sized my face to match and did just the face in the hoop. I just have a 5x7 machine.....

toogie by toogie 30 Mar 2018

They are all wonderfully made but my favorite is front and center white with the lt pink ears. Good for you extending the legs, as I said before just the right size for hugging....on the other hand it is sad that so many are needed. You are to be commended for your work.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Mar 2018

How sweet of you. You make some children's day a little better. They all turned out great. I assume you did them in the hoop. You could post them in Project

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awesome1 by awesome1 30 Mar 2018

Thank you, but I could not as there was an ad covering the posting option. I tried to get rid of it, but it immediately came back..the one with Joy Behar. It's a shame how the ad people intrude. I got a google survey re the ad and I answered that it was covering the post option. Wasted time! Yes, the stuffies are done in the hoop, and the bear designs are by "mama-something" I need to look it up. I made the bears 10" tall.