by anssmile 30 Mar 2018

Hi Cuties

I finally am almost in a financial position to buy myself my dream embroidery machine. I need a machine with mutiple needles, 15 needles or more.
It would be nice if the machine can use bigger spools with ease.
Do you have any recommendations? Are there any machines that are very difficult to use from which I should stay away?
I was looking at a 15 needle Tajima, but I really prefer a machine with 20 needles. The Tajima looks like it is exactly what I want, except I want more needles.
I have an eyesight problem, and find it extremely difficult to get the thread through the eye of a needle, which is why I want more than 15 needles. So I can thread all the colours I normally use, and will not have to change thread colour on a needle, except when the thread runs out or breaks.
Can you please tell me which machines you recommend and why?

2 Years ago you prayed for me to get a job that I wanted. Today I am financially independent, happy in my job and looking to buy a new machine. Thank you all again!
Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter weekend!
Hugs to all of you.


by anssmile 26 Apr 2018

My fur babies

by anssmile 26 Apr 2018

Hi Cuties, thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I am still doing market research. It is very difficult to get parts for brother machines in South Africa. The only machines that are generally well known in my area, are Melcos and EMB's (supplied by Ricoma). The Melco dealer is far from me. The Ricoma dealer is much closer.
But I do not know anybody that uses a EMB machine.
Does anyone use a EMB or Ricoma machine? They have a maximum of 15 needles but can do all the fancy stuff like embroider on pockets without removing the pocket, embroider denim pants, caps etc.
I would like to have recommendation from someone actually using the machine. If I buy the EMB, I can also replace my broken machine with a similar newer demo model. If I buy the Melco, I can not replace my broken machine. I want to replace it as it is my sewing machine as well as my embroidery machine.
Also the Melco dealer is quite far from me. It is easier to get support if the dealer is close by. And I want to buy from a dealer to ensure I get proper support.
I would appreciate it a lot if someone can give me feedback on the Ricoma EMB machine. Best Regards. Anneliese

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Mar 2018

I only have a 6 needle machine but my advice is to make sure that there is excellent after sales service from who ever you buy from. Plus there are usually lightly used machines for sale which from personal experience are excellent value for money. Let us know what you decide on, Ah and lastly good to hear that your life has radically improved

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anssmile by anssmile 06 Apr 2018

Hi, I run into severe problems with the servicing of my current machine, so making sure there is excellent after service available will definitely be one of the most deciding factors as to which machine I will buy. I am considering a demo model from a dealer, but the warranty is much less than if you buy it new. As this is a huge expense for me, I want to be sure I get exactly what I need. Cost will not be the most important factor, as I am going to finance the machine through my bank. This machine must keep me for the rest of my life! I see it as an investment in my future...

by sdrise 30 Mar 2018

I am a baby lock fan al the way. User friendly and Get a machine that is serviced near you. I have three babylocks A 10 needle the Ellissimo and the 8 needle serger Love them all Good luck!!!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 30 Mar 2018

Sounds like we have very similar machines...I also have the 10 Needle Valiant, an Ellisimo, and the 8 thread serger...and I love them all too!

anssmile by anssmile 30 Mar 2018

Hi, thank you very much. I will talk to a brother supplier, as there seems to be one not too far from me. I will compare what they can do. But I love the idea of an auto threader...

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by dragonflyer edited 30 Mar 2018

Such great news, Anneliese! So happy for you with prospects of a new machine, your financial freedom and your two fur babies...I know how much Vicki loves her Melco...I have a BabyLock Valiant 10 needle machine that I love, but I know you want more far as threading the needles has an automatic needle threader and threads each needle with the simple touch of a button...and it has a camera and scanner for perfect placement especially when multi-hooping...

anssmile by anssmile 30 Mar 2018

Hi, Thank you. This sounds very nice. If it can thread the needles automatically, I can look at a machine with less needles. The machines I saw here did not thread automatically. I will definitely investigate this machine! Thank you for your advice. My big problem is my eyesight. So an auto threader will be a life saver. Enjoy your weekend! Anneliese

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 30 Mar 2018

Although I do love BabyLock...Brother also has the 10 needle sister machine to my BabyLock which has the same automatic needle threader...couldn't live without it! Also, I always try to use the 5000m cones too...

by basketkase 30 Mar 2018

Anneliese.....Congratulations on your independence and all things good in your life now!!! You have to be so happy to have your fur family once again.....nothing like that unconditional love, right? I have a 16 needle Melco and love uses all the size hoops one could need and what I like, 90% of the maintenance is done by us, there are very detailed instructions on how to perform all the things needed and the software tells you when the machine needs something.....I only have a tech out once a year to thoroughly go over it...I did not buy the digitizing software that Melco sells as I have mastered the Bernina software and I can easily convert to stitch out on the Melco....Good luck with whatever you buy and my you stay well and happy!

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Hi thank you.

anssmile by anssmile 30 Mar 2018

Hi, these comments edit very badly, so I will start over. Yes, I am very thankful to be on my own feet again. And to be able to consider buying a multi needle machine! The Melco machines seem to be very nice, but they are very expensive here. They are about $7000 to $8000 more expensive than the 15 needle Tajima machine. It is a lot of money. BUT the maintenance seems to be excellent. So I am seriously considering it. I would go for the machine where it is easy to add more heads, because should one be forced to sell, I think that one will sell easier. But $7000 is a huge amount for me. I am just scared of the maintenance of the Tajima, so I will take everything very carefully in consideration. My fur babies are an absolute joy. I shared my son's cat with him while we stayed together, but I missed my cat that died in Feb 2016 very much. As soon as my son said he wanted to be on his own, I got my two fur babies. They are gorgeous, and purr me to sleep every night. Only one is a little rescue, as we are only allowed one animal per apartment, and the SPCA refused to give me two. I searched the internet for one, and got the second from the internet. They are absolutely inseparable. They both turned one this month. My cats are indoor cats, and are extremely spoiled with baby blankets, lots of toys etc. Thank you for your advice on the Melcos, I will seriously consider buying one. Enjoy your weekend! Anneliese

by pennifold 30 Mar 2018

So happy to read that you have a wonderful steady job and one that you love. I hope your son is doing o.k. too.
I don't know anything about multi needle embroidery machines but there are a few on here who have them and I'm sure they will come along soon and let you know about them. Love Chris

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anssmile by anssmile 30 Mar 2018

Hi Chris, thank you. How are you? I am in the process of changing to another much more senior position with a MUCH higher salary, which is why I am looking at machines. My old one broke and they can only partially fix it. My son is very well, thank you. He moved out to his own apartment (thank God) so I can now embroider when I want! Have a lovely Easter! I am trying to figure out how to make nice FSL designs this weekend... Oh and I got 2 gorgeous kittens last year, both turning one year this month. 1 little rescue, and one from a backyard breeder. The SPCA did not want to give me two kittens, but I never believed in having just one. They need to have a friend! Dreaming every night about my new machine.... Hugs. Anneliese