by gerryb 30 Mar 2018

Is anyone else having trouble with the new PNW site? I can NOT get it to set up a new password! That "click all the sqs with a street sign" thing stops me dead every time! I think I am about to completely give up on their site and I did like their files. Oh well.


by gramsbear 30 Mar 2018

Gerry, I went through 3 of those silly "street sign" things before it accepted me... I have had and account there since I started Emb. And the new site doesn't want Me??? Hahaha! I just kept trying! Don't get discouraged... Hugs, Judy.

by heleninca 30 Mar 2018

It won't accept my password - tells me to go to lost password and cannot find that page. It will all work out in the end. I am patient.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 31 Mar 2018

I had the same problem. I emailed her.

by pennyhal2 30 Mar 2018

She's having a few problems with her new site. Don't give up! Email her and she responds quickly.

by dragonflyer 30 Mar 2018

Sorry to hear...there is usually an option to change the photographs to another series...sometimes it may take two or three times to get past the "I am not a robot" could write her and let her know you are having a problem with this feature...