by parkermom 28 Mar 2018

Do any of you know how to use a lucet tool? My brother-in-law made me two tools, and some of the directions I find online are hard to understand.


by lbrow 29 Mar 2018

Very interesting. Had never heard of this.

by graceandham 29 Mar 2018

If it weren't for Google, I wouldn't even know what this is! Good luck on your crafting!

by dragonflyer 29 Mar 2018

Well, I see you now know! Very ancient technique that is said to date back to the Vikings...very easy for kids to do as well...

by sewdeb 29 Mar 2018

I see you got some answers - just thought I'd add this little historical tidbit:
During colonial times here in U.S., a lucet (pronounced lou-say) were used to make cording. Since the woman of the house had to carry around keys for the spice cabinet and what have you, she'd attach a pouch or "pocket" to this cording and would hang it from her apron strings. The children's rhyme "Lucy Locket lost her pocket" refers to this.

by airyfairy 29 Mar 2018

I have never heard of this. Please send us a picture of your finished ‘project’.

by kustomkuddle 29 Mar 2018

I had never heard of this tool! Thank you for asking about it. Guess I'm never to learn something new!!

by pennifold 28 Mar 2018

Hi Jennifer, there are quite a lot of how to videos on YOUTUBE, I've just copied the first one I was looking at. Reminds me a bit of the old french knitting our kids used to do but with a different tool. Love Chris

parkermom by parkermom 28 Mar 2018

thank you. I haven't watched one yet, but that's my plan for tomorrow. I'm a lefty so I have to watch and then try to "flip" for my brain.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 28 Mar 2018

I just looked at it and I am sure you will not have a problem as a lefty. It kind of reminds to those bars years ago that one made lacy material. I can not remember what it was called.

katydid by katydid 29 Mar 2018

Good luck!