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by Sewmum1 ( edited 25 Mar 2018 ) 24 Mar 2018

I found this link for heartstrings name library in my bookmarks as I was sorting them out. Other links that I have seen before have been stopped by my virus protection software but this is an archive copy that works. Scroll down to see all the letters then Go to the names that you are after.

Hope this is ok to share. If not mods please delete

Another link in case above doesn't work. You can access the library on the left.

Does it work for you? Hope so if you need them. I know there are still a few people wanting names from this site


by mmgreyhounds 25 Nov 2021

Thank you very much!

by peafarm 25 Nov 2021

AllBrands sewing store online used to have a tab you could get all kinds of names 'A' thru-----maybe 'Z'. I tried downloading a long time time ago and didn't seem to find it again but I am sure had someone and a tab for names. I haven't tried lately.

by pennyhal2 26 Mar 2018

I could not get it to work either. I don't think Heartstrings is an active site anymore.

by markus 25 Mar 2018

Thank you

by mops Moderator 25 Mar 2018

It works - gives the list of names, let you select one - but you cannot download a name. Have you tried getting one?

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 edited 25 Mar 2018

Interesting I was able to download some names that way earlier when I tested it before sharing here.

I found another link I had saved and was able to download there also. Added link to original post. If it doesn't work I am not sure why unless it is because I downloaded the names I wanted years ago when the site was still active

toogie by toogie 26 Nov 2021

I tried getting several and I get as far as mops.The pages come up but no design files.
The only one that did work for me was the free design tab on the left. I was able to download 3 stars.