by baydreamer 21 Mar 2018

A little baby bib for someone who owns 2 Yorkie's. Some of you will remember when we had an area where members would post embroidery and we could download it , well this is the watermelon bib from way back when .

I placed an applique circle over an area to create the neck color then added a tab for a pacifier. The ideal was from a post by marietherese. Thanks for looking!


by peafarm 23 Mar 2018

This is just darling. I love it. The dog embroidery is so cute.

by lhart 23 Mar 2018

So very cute! I love the colours and the little Yorkie.

by teun 22 Mar 2018

Das ist ja eine tolle idee.

by stella1 22 Mar 2018

So very nice sweet and cute.Nice idea

by pennifold 21 Mar 2018

This is just gorgeous and I love the whole effect. Well done, love Chris

by lbrow 21 Mar 2018

How sweet!

by toogie 21 Mar 2018

Love it and your idea! My sisters has a Yorkie. This is her third. Andi died from old age, Heidi had to be put down and she still has a tiny one called Squeaky. Can you say where the yorkie design was from? The yorkie designs I have are like color work, just lines.

topcat5 by topcat5 21 Mar 2018

BeckyJ and Nita O'Keefe have some cute ones. Nita owns Yorkies so she does have some nice ones. Hope this helps.

baydreamer by baydreamer 21 Mar 2018

They are from Secrets of Embroidery Yorkie Swirly by Fancy That Designs , I purchased them last year for $1.00 during the sale. This design stitched out beautiful!

toogie by toogie 22 Mar 2018

It sure did, thanks, to both of you.

by basketkase 21 Mar 2018

How adorable.......really cool design and love the added tab for a pacifier..

by sonjapotgieter 21 Mar 2018

Awesome design and work done!!!!Gorgeous!!

by dragonflyer 21 Mar 2018

So cute...great job and adaptation from the original bib...