by jenne 15 Mar 2018

I am looking for the words "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" in a pretty font. Thanks.


by topcat5 18 Mar 2018

Sometime the words are tied to certain holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas; or to Baptism or Confirmation.
Good luck.

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jenne by jenne 19 Mar 2018

Thanks, will try that.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Mar 2018

I have put a link below for you to look at. I don't know if there is what you want there but I remember it has many religious designs.

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jenne by jenne 18 Mar 2018


by cooperal 18 Mar 2018

This is one of Sonia Showalter's designs. I've just bought it but haven't stitched it out yet Her work stitches out beautifully. If you want those words in a different font you could try using your software and make your own.
Hope this helps. Avis

by babash 16 Mar 2018

Maybe put this request into Embroidery so it might be seen better.
Sorry I can't help.