by jrob Moderator 15 Mar 2018

Good morning,Cuties! This is just a PSA (public service announcement) about posting in the forum. It is never a good idea to post full names in a public forum for security reasons. Folks whose intentions are less than honorable can glean scores of information about someone from just a name gathered here or there and then add that to a location from a different source and a thief can steal your identity easily.

This isn't a scolding post, it's just a hey, did you know?
Love to you all and I hope your day is going to be full of gratitude and love!


by lbrow 15 Mar 2018

Thanks Jerrilyn

by 02kar Moderator 15 Mar 2018

Thanks. I'm a firm believer in most of us need to be told multiple times so reminders are ALWAYS welcome. We can't be too careful any more

by stork 15 Mar 2018

THank you for the reminder.......

by kustomkuddle 15 Mar 2018

Thank you for the reminder!

by zoefzoef 15 Mar 2018

Yes dear all take care ! Today I visited a exposition about it and security. I’m involved in these matters, but nevertheless it is amazingly -bad- what they can find about you and how easily these things can be done.
Think twice before posting personal stuff, do not use the option ‘remember pasword’, when putting personal stuff on a usb stick do encrypt them,....

by toogie 15 Mar 2018

Thanks, I needed that!

by pennifold 15 Mar 2018

"Ta very muchly" Jerrilyn. Always good to have this information reinforced. Love Chris