by pennifold 15 Mar 2018

Whilst the builders were here this morning I've done another zipper purse. They have put the vanity in and the Bathroom cupboard above with the mirrors. The glass panel went in yesterday. The plumbers were meant to be here at 12.30 and it's now 1.50 and I have to leave soon for school pick up etc. So if they aren't here by 2.30 I'll have to leave a key out!

Can't wait for it all to be finished and I'll finally have a toilet upstairs again. Love Chris

1. Top view with zip open
2. Side view - I do like these colours together!


by airyfairy 16 Mar 2018

Love the bag Chris. Is this an ITH project? Pleased you have a new loo to use

by kustomkuddle 16 Mar 2018

Beautiful bag. Is the end in site for you bathroom?

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pennifold by pennifold 16 Mar 2018

Yes, bathroom is finished. We can't use it till Monday as Trev has to paint the ceiling in the bathroom and the cornices in both the toilet and bathroom. Love Chris

by sewdeb 15 Mar 2018

Love everything about your bag, Chris! Your ladies are all so lucky to have your creating such beautiful gifts for them.

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pennifold by pennifold 16 Mar 2018

Thanks so much Deb, love Chris

by toogie 15 Mar 2018

A very pretty bag Chris. I'm sure any of your ladies will be proud to receive this. I like the colors too, a perfect match.

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pennifold by pennifold 16 Mar 2018

Thanks Toogie, I too love these colours. Love Chris