by cooperal 13 Mar 2018

Spring is nearly here and I decided to do some organizing in my sewing room. I found a bag of quilt batting trims that were too big to throw out so I zig-zagged them together in strips. I ended up with. a large piece that was 34" X 43". Just a few left over for the next time my bag gets full. I'll use this for some of the ITH bags that are ready to sew. I should do this with some of my quilting scraps and have some ready-made crazy-patch pieces to work with. Avis


by killiecrankie 14 Mar 2018

I have been doing this with batting left overs to use in making ITH Mug Rugs .Mostly the joins have been under where the embroidery goes ,so there should be no worries about the joins coming apart.
Using water soluble thread ,you can stitch pieces of water soluble stabilizer ( vylene woven type) together,everything dissolves when wet.
You will need to lower the tension so they don't gather up a bit.
I stitch a frame of ordinary stabilizer scraps around the edge to hoop it.

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cooperal by cooperal 15 Mar 2018

I appreciate your comment, especially stitching a frame around the edge. I'm always learning from this group. Be blessed, Avis

by shirley124 14 Mar 2018

Great idea. Hugs

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cooperal by cooperal 15 Mar 2018

Thank you. Avis

by toogie 14 Mar 2018

Good job saving to use. I sometimes use the scraps I don't care for, to back my quilting for a cosmetic bag, if I will be lining it with a nice fabric anyway, it won't show. I have a lot of fabrics given from other people that are big enough for these bags or the ith bags.

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cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

These assembled batting strips will probably be used in small bags. I'm not sure how the joined seams would hold up in a larger item so that's their destination. I watched the video on Missouri Quilt Company last night and that's quick and not even in the hoop. By the way, you must be the Queen of all the bags...your work is seeing what you produce. Be blessed, Avis

by Sewmum1 14 Mar 2018

Good job done. Reminds me of the pile I have but keep putting aside for another day 😁

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cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

Thank you! Looks like there are many with these piles that can be worked on to be re-used. Once I got going and laid it all out it really didn't take too long. Let me know how you do. Blessings, Avis

by pennifold 14 Mar 2018

Yes, it's a job that needs to be done, and isn't it amazing at how much goes to waste. Great save on those pieces Avis. I do this occasionally too, I even bought WSS thread to sew all the pieces of WSS I have in piles! Love Chris

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cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

I do use WSS thread when I sew those scraps together; I mark one bobbin WSS so that I know it's not for regular use on other things. That would be a disaster, wouldln't it?!?! Thanks for your encouragement, Avis

by lbrow 14 Mar 2018

That's what I do. Waste not want not.. Pioneers found use for every scrap they had. Nothing was to small. I think that is why "string quilts" were started. Great job of saving. / Lillian

cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

Thanks, Lillian. I guess my mother and g'mother taught me well as they made do with every little thing...never wasted. I'm not stingy but if I can s-t-r-e-t-c-h anything it makes me happy. Blessings to you, Avis

toogie by toogie 14 Mar 2018

Avis and Lillian I am with you. I was taught, from an early age, not to waste. Other folks may look at us as cheap or stingy, but I think we are smart to save any way we can.

cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

Being frugal is not a bad thing. It applies to all areas of our lives. I believe that God wants us to be "good stewards" of the gifts He gives us and to use them wisely. Avis

by sewdeb 13 Mar 2018

Can I get you to come over and help me find my sewing room after you've finished at Jrob's house? LOL. What a great idea to sew the scraps together. Well done!

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cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

WOW! This would be a great way to meet some of the Cutie family...don't think hubby would approve of my travel expense though...hahaha! My next batch of patching is with some of my stabilizers. Not to be used in any of my large hoops but it works with a couple of my smaller ones. Thanks for your comment. Avis

by jrob Moderator 13 Mar 2018

Oh, look at you! Come on over when you are finished with yours as I'm beginning to have panic attacks in my sewing/play room.

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cooperal by cooperal 14 Mar 2018

That would be fun! There are days that I absolutely MUST be at my sewing machine but I don't have a project ready to go, so by sewing pieces together I'm productive and it's pretty much a "no think" project. Thanks for the invitation anyway and don't panic!! Hugs, Avis

by graceandham 13 Mar 2018

You are one smart cookie. And doesn't it feel refreshing to know where to find stuff again?

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cooperal by cooperal 13 Mar 2018

You have that right! Some of this is no stress and when the job is done it's ready to go when I need it. Thanks for the encouragement. Avis