by stork 13 Mar 2018

Close up of stitching on customer's quilt. The embroidery was absolutely wonderful to work around!!!


by katydid 14 Mar 2018

This is wonderful! My favorite colors! The designs selected are perfect. You should post it on Emblibrary . Kay

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stork by stork 15 Mar 2018

Thank you Kay.....I will check into posting on Emblibrary.

by lbrow 14 Mar 2018

Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful and a marvelous quilting job

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stork by stork 15 Mar 2018

Thank you. Hope you are doing well.

by SUEF 14 Mar 2018

Absolutely beautiful! I love your choice of background embroidery--it actually accentuates the beautiful machine embroidery designs. The colors of the fabric and the embroidery are perfect. I can see why your customer is not parting with this quilt. She must be so pleased with your finishing touches! Definitely inspirational. I don't know much about longarm quilting--did you do all that lovely stipple and scroll work free hand within the fabric triangles and squares? WOW!

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stork by stork 15 Mar 2018

Thank you. The longarm quilting of the stipples and scroll were all done freehand as were the feathers and other designs.

by toogie 13 Mar 2018

This is absolutely beautiful! If I read correctly, someone else did the embroidering, and it is excellent use of colors too, and you did the quilting? I am assuming the quilting was not ITH but on a longarm. Correct me if I am wrong.
However you accomplished this work of art, you have succeeded in making it praiseworthy, in all aspects.
What is the finished size of the whole quilt? Will it actually fit a bed or is it a wall hanging?

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stork by stork 14 Mar 2018

Yes, Toogie. I longarm quilted this for a customer who used Embroidery Library designs and those designs are gorgeous! The size was a throw/twin and the customer decided she is keeping this one for herself. THank you for the compliments it is truly appreciated!

by kustomkuddle 13 Mar 2018

Wow. Just beautiful.

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stork by stork 14 Mar 2018

thank you

by basketkase 13 Mar 2018

Stunning work...

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stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

Thank you!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Mar 2018

The link below is the completed quilt.
The quilt is a great team effort.

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stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

Yes, it definitely was a team effort.......

by sonjapotgieter 13 Mar 2018

Fantastic job done!!Looks Stunning!!

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stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

Thank you!

by sewdeb 13 Mar 2018

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! Great job. I'm sure your customer is going to be thrilled with it!

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stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

She picked it up and loves it! Thank you

by lilylady 13 Mar 2018

How Beautiful, love everything about it! Stitching is beautiful, sew nice.

stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

Thank you. I just thought others could see what could be done with embroidery designs. The quilt actually used panel squares where the embroidery was used. Her colors are spot on too!

lilylady by lilylady 13 Mar 2018

I love embroidery library, sitting here now looking at new designs Tuesday. This quilt is beautiful,

stork by stork 13 Mar 2018

I agree Lil....I admire all of their designs and every one that I own has stitched out wonderfullly. I thought this could inspire others to expand their embroidery ideas.