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by sewmom ( edited 7d ago ) 7d ago

I need advice on free conversion software. I have digitizing software (MasterWorks II) but it's older and does not read the most recent version of pes. It's expensive but there are no more updates for it. I also have free conversion software that's a bit old on my computer. I'm getting a new computer too and will need to put free conversion software on it. What works well and is easy to use? I mostly want it to convert pes from the highest version down to a lower version. New computer has Windows 10.

I should add that I would like a permanent free version not just a limited time trial.


by sandralane 7d ago

I use WILCOM also for converting formats and size. In the settings area you can sometimes change the sizing. Have been using this for quite a number of years without any problems. I say give it a go.

by jgwatchorn 7d ago

I use Sewwhat Pro. It converts files and resizes them
.There is a free version you can try .

sewmom by sewmom 7d ago

I’ll check. Do you like using it and is there a limit to the free time?

rescuer by rescuer 7d ago

I love sewwhatpro! The free time is a month. But it is not expensive to buy and they have great customer care.

by gdsteliga 7d ago

I have WILCOM. the problem now is that it won't convert anything bigger than 5X7. I have a lot of bigger designs in other formats since I got my new Janome 500E with a bigger hoop.
Any help I can get through this thread will be very much appreciated.
I am not in a position right now to purchase expensive software.
Thank you.

sewmom by sewmom 7d ago

I definitely need a larger hoop area for conversion. Thank you.

sewmom by sewmom 7d ago

I don’t see a size limitation on the information page. Do you have the desktop or cloud version?

gdsteliga by gdsteliga 6d ago

I have the free version and Wilcom will not support the free one. Obviously they want you to buy.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 6d ago

Hmmm...not sure why you can only save up to 5x7...I just tested the web version and had no problem opening, modifying the size as a 9x 10 design and saved it with no problem...

by dragonflyer 7d ago

I would also recommend the free Wilcom software....

by laurasomi 7d ago

Did you try this:

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sewmom by sewmom 7d ago

Yes, I looked but I wanted opinions. Do you like it?