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by cooperal ( edited 8d ago ) 9d ago

Am I having and "old timer's" moment or what?!?! What are knockdown stitches? I gather this is used to reduce pile in a do you achieve this? Avis

Thanks to all who answered my question. I've never heard of either term so I guess I'm still learning. I use Pfaff 5D software and have taken the classes offered...don't recall anything about that feature. For now the use of tulle sounds workable if needed. Hugs and *** to you all. Avis


by mops Moderator 8d ago

Neither 5D nor 6D have the feature, but you can digitise an FSL kind of background instead of an underlay.

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pennifold by pennifold 8d ago

Thanks Martine, I've just found it on my new software, which I bought in January it's the Premier +2 software programme and It looks great. Love Chris

by dollygk 8d ago

Thank you ladies for the help..... I imagine using one layer of wss/Vilene/Sulky would achieve the same results?? It might be cheaper to use the tule or organza instead. Have a great weekend!!

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 5d ago

Because vilene washes away, it will allow little pokies to stand up and say hello and push their way into the design. Having said , I use vilene because I know the designs I'm using have a very dense "knock down" stitches and don't need the tulle, organza, netting, etc. to hold the pokies down. A lot depends on the design you are using too. Sometimes the design relies and areas that are going to be fluffy and not tacked down. I think that'ts the difference between knockdown stitches and embossing. The knock down stitches will stitch everything down, while the embossing designs will allow areas to be fluffy.

by mops Moderator 8d ago

"Knockdown stitches" is the terminology in one specific embroidery software suite, just like "nap tack". I use the same stitches I use for FSL, just a bit more open - not automatic, but it works well for me.

by jofrog2000 8d ago

SewWhatPro has a function called nap tack, which will mimic the shape of your design and lay down stitches to hold the nap down before you put your design on.
You can find some free shapes on if you search

by sdrise 8d ago

Yes knock down stitches are underneath the design to hold down the pile of things like a towel. Almost like embossed designs.
I use tulle close to the color of the towel an stitch over it. Afterwards I cut around the outer edged of the design to get rid of the extra tulle. The tulle holds down the pile in the spaces that are open in the design and the tulle will not show at all. Easy and fast... Hope that helps Suzanne

RodnickBiljon by RodnickBiljon 8d ago

Hi do you use tulle instead of melt-away then

sdrise by sdrise 7d ago

Yes I use tulle it stays behind and keeps the nap in check for a long time through washings and all the use. I just trim it around the design and leave the rest.

by crafter2243 Moderator 9d ago

I believe that the terminology comes from digitizing programs. These are stitches that flatten out the nap so that the designs does not disappear . They kind of flatten the nap. Maybe some machines have that built in.
I usually lay down a fine mesh tulle where the design is to go to achieve the same

by katydid 9d ago

I don't know this term. Perhaps it is to lighten the density, I am sure the digitizers will help you. Kay

by dollygk 9d ago

Good question and I'll be watching for the answers!!!

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katydid by katydid 9d ago

me ,too!