Bunny Embossed Font - 26 designs in this pack

Design #: 10664778
Price: $14.97
Design Details
Size (in): 6.02"(w) x 5.51"(h)
Size (mm): 153 x 140
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ART3 csd dst edr exp hus jef pes vip vp3 xxx ART4 jpg
bunnyembossedfont embossed pack alphabets
mops by mops 1d ago

Thank you, this looks so pretty!

rescuer by rescuer 5d ago

twinkielight1964 this is an embossed font. If you need help, ask in the Community or the Q&A section. We can't effectively help you here as we can't reply and we are not notified if you ask for help here. This area is just a nice place to say "thank yo

toogie by toogie 5d ago

I love this and thank you so much! If it were just a bit smaller it would fit my 5x7 hoop......

twinkielight1964 by twinkielight1964 5d ago

Is this an applique? Or is the white section left open? I like the white section but I see the background looks filled in.

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 6d ago

Thank you very much!

mad14kt by mad14kt 6d ago


Midnight1 by Midnight1 7d ago

Thank you

gramsbear by gramsbear 7d ago

This is the sweetest Easter Font & covers most all of Easter!!! (All but the Cross!) Hugs, Judy...

sewdeb by sewdeb 7d ago

What a great alphabet! Adorable! Thanks so much for the pack!

pennypeltz by pennypeltz 7d ago

Thank you this is very cute

marianb by marianb 8d ago

thank you

mihok by mihok 8d ago

These are beautiful!

rescuer by rescuer 8d ago

Yes! I love this bunny pack!

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 8d ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful font pack.