by basketkase ( edited 17d ago ) 17d ago

This is for a customer who is making a communion dress for a client of hers.....I have been sweating this all morning, so afraid of not being able to get the lettering small enough yet readable.......yea, I did it.....I blocked out the last names and wedding date for privacy......I think she will be thrilled with is just over 3.5x3.5"...

forgot to add this is on that slippery satin, so I was especially nervous.....


by katydid 17d ago

Great job!

by graceandham 17d ago

Elegant and classy.

by rescuer Moderator 17d ago

Well done! I am glad you braved it through the satin. It can be such a challenge to work with satin. Nicely done with the tiny font too!

by sdrise 17d ago

-Beautiful ! what a treasure! Great job!

by dragonflyer 17d ago

Very nice...I am sure this will become a "new" heirloom from an "old heirloom"....

by kustomkuddle 17d ago

Beautiful work. Such tiny lettering!

by pennifold 17d ago

Well done Vicki, it looks perfect. How wonderful too to be able to pass on some history of the previous owner of the wedding dress. I did that for my 2 girls when they were Baptised. I made the dress out of my wedding dress and have embroidered my girls's names and the 2 grand-daughters Jasana and Aqualina's who wore it. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 17d ago

Gorgeous!!!Lovely work done