by basketkase 01 Mar 2018

Sammi is hilarious........I have 4 beds in my office and look at him making things uncomfortable for Tuxie....he climbed right across her.......he won out.....she moved about 2 minutes after this maneuver...


by sewtired 02 Mar 2018

Just gotta love 'em!

by kustomkuddle 02 Mar 2018

So funny. They act just like errant children. Take the laughter where you can get it! Hope you are doing better.

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basketkase by basketkase 02 Mar 2018

I am Deb, how about you?

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Mar 2018

He just wanted a pre warmed place. Too funny

by cfidl 02 Mar 2018

Too funny! We know who runs the show!

by zoefzoef 02 Mar 2018

Even better than watching a movie. These things always makes you smile

by airyfairy 02 Mar 2018

Just like naughty children

by stork 02 Mar 2018

Just like typical kids......

by graceandham 02 Mar 2018

He needed some comfort and maybe resort the territory. Poor Sammi. And poor Tuxie.

by sdrise 02 Mar 2018

They always want what the other has even though you have one for each and then some. HEHE Hope you are doing a bit better to Hugs Suzanne

by pennifold 01 Mar 2018

You 'gotta' get your priorities right, right? Love it, love Chris