by lique 01 Mar 2018

A wall hanging to teach the alphabet sounds. Letters and pictures are applique . These are my own designs.


by peafarm 03 Mar 2018

Wow! What a lot of hard work--someone is going to be very happy and lucky.

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Mar 2018

What an amazing piece of work that you have designed and created. I remember from somewhere that you were a teacher so I'm presuming younger children. Will your grand children have this. I am still in the planning stage for a wall hanging of the alphabet and at the rate I'm working the grand children will be sitting their GCSE's.

asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Mar 2018

Love the idea of appliqué for this

lique by lique 02 Mar 2018

Don’t know where this is going. Yes a teacher of the very young so that’ s where the idea came from.

by zoefzoef 02 Mar 2018

Great job !

by shirley124 01 Mar 2018

Beautiful. Hugs

by sonjapotgieter 01 Mar 2018

Great project done!!Well done..Gorgeous

by liliana1 01 Mar 2018

Great quilt, very well done. Such a good idea.

by brendalea 01 Mar 2018

Very nice quilt. I would love to make one like this, hope you do not mind me using your idea. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching

brendalea by brendalea 02 Mar 2018

Sorry forgot to ask what size are the squares?

lique by lique 02 Mar 2018

Do feel free to use the idea, the squares are 4 by 4 inches.

by pennifold 01 Mar 2018

Such a lot of thought and work has gone into this quilt Angelique, well done, it's gorgeous. Love Chris

by pennyhal2 01 Mar 2018

What a great quilt for a child! You really chose items that a child would know. I see so many alphbet quilts that have items that I've never heard of let alone a young child. The time you put in to create all this fabuloud quilt was well spent!

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lique by lique 02 Mar 2018

That is the teacher in me I think.

by bemara 01 Mar 2018

if a lot of work determines, has become great, hugs Maria

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Mar 2018

Very cheerful and a great teaching tool as well. Good job

by mops Moderator 01 Mar 2018

So cute!

by rescuer Moderator 01 Mar 2018


by lilylady 01 Mar 2018

This is sew cute, somebody will love!