by lilylady 20d ago

I have an E-mail this morning from starbird stock designs. They will be closing their doors April 30th. We use this website for a lot of our resort designs. Fishing, hunting, wildlife. Sew sad.


by graceandham 18d ago

So, really this is just a change in marketing?

by suzeqc 19d ago

At the bottom of their email they list about 8 partner resellers where the designs will still be available-

by AuntAnnie 19d ago

Sad news, indeed. I have purchased numerous sets from them. Thankfully, their designs will continue to be available through several authorized sellers.

by pennyhal2 19d ago

Thanks for letting us know. I will miss their website too.

by sewdeb 19d ago

This is sad news.

by cfidl 20d ago

So sorry to hear this. I like their designs.