by elemausi 25 Feb 2018

Every time if I think my Basket with scraps will be empty next time, the other day it is full probably over night again. :-))

This bunnys I do every year from scraps. They are nice to decorate small gifts.


by pennifold 26 Feb 2018

These are gorgeous Barbel, well done. Love Chris

by Midnight1 26 Feb 2018

Thank you for the picture and also the address for pattern. I am using scraps in quilts. This will be great to do something different.

by cooperal 26 Feb 2018

What a pretty way to use up scraps...we all have those! Also, thanks for the link to this free download. These will be just the right size for a baby's small fist. Blessings, Avis

elemausi by elemausi 26 Feb 2018

in the link it comes for a 5x7 hoop, I resized it to fit a 4x4

cooperal by cooperal 27 Feb 2018

Thanks for that information. I've downloaded the design and may resize it, too, if I think it's too large. Avis

by dragonflyer 26 Feb 2018

Great job on all of these!

by kathymourie 26 Feb 2018

Sew Cute!!! Thank you for sharing.

by shirley124 25 Feb 2018

Cute. Hugs

by kustomkuddle 25 Feb 2018

These are very cute.

by Bounty 25 Feb 2018

Das ist ja eine tolle Idee, Reste hab ich auch genug. Mit den letzten hatte ich das Hundekissen etwas dicker gepolstert. Doch inzwischen sind schon wieder neue da :-)

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elemausi by elemausi 26 Feb 2018

Falls Du den Link für die Datei nutzt, ich habe sie von 18x13 auf 10x10 verkleinert, um wirklich Reste nutzen zu können.

by vickiannette 25 Feb 2018

very nice way to use up the scraps [I have a hard time throwing out pieces of fabric]

by mgregg01 25 Feb 2018

So cute, can you share the link to get this, thank you

elemausi by elemausi 25 Feb 2018

Scroll down and hit the button HIER
The design is free.

castor by castor 25 Feb 2018

thank you

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 27 Feb 2018

thank you

by lilylady 25 Feb 2018

sew cute out of scraps!

by liliana1 25 Feb 2018

How cute, very beautiful on a gift

by brendalea 25 Feb 2018

Very cute. Thank you for sharing. Happy Stitching.

by graceandham 25 Feb 2018

These make me smile.

by sonjapotgieter 25 Feb 2018

So Beautiful!!!Cute and so Adorable!!!!

by bemara 25 Feb 2018

Die Hasen sind süß geworden, die Idee sie in die Primel zu stecken ist wunderbear, ein schönes Mitbringsel zu Ostern, LG Maria

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elemausi by elemausi 25 Feb 2018

Danke Maria.

by teun 25 Feb 2018

Jetzt kann Ostern kommen. Sieht toll aus.👍👍👍🌞🐞

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elemausi by elemausi 25 Feb 2018

Danke, Lammy