by mops Moderator 22 Feb 2018

Again used remnants. I did not have enough for long sleeves, so this needs a long sleeved T underneath.

I saw a picture of the sheep somewhere on the internet and put that on.
In Dutch the same word ('mazen') is used for grafting and for stitching over knitting, it's the same technique. I have no idea what it's called in English. Can you enlighten me?


by jrob Moderator 23 Feb 2018

This sweater is so cute. Lucky someone to have this adorable sweater to usher in spring. And new baby sheep. ;)

by babash 22 Feb 2018

Lovely top. The sheep look so cute.

by sewdeb 22 Feb 2018

Beautiful sweater! Love the sheep and the thought of you seeing them "somewhere on the web" and stitching them on from memory is amazing! You're so talented!

by gerryvb 22 Feb 2018

it's gorgeous, lovely colors too !!

by dragonflyer 22 Feb 2018

Nicely the color!

by graceandham 22 Feb 2018

Living in the South, I look for short sleeved sweaters. Your little sheep design is baaaad.

by kustomkuddle 22 Feb 2018

Very nice. Reminds me of spring. Gorgeous lavender color.

by lilylady 22 Feb 2018

Its beautifully done, love colors.

by basketkase 22 Feb 2018

Love this, Martine.....the sheep are wonderful and love the colors you used for striping.......beautiful work......

by elemausi 22 Feb 2018

Love the sheeps, good use of your remnants.

by spendlove Moderator 22 Feb 2018

A great use of some oddments!
I would call the method of invisibly joining a shoulder seam "grafting". Stitching over knitting to look as if it was knitted in is called "Swiss Darning". I have no idea why!

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mops by mops 22 Feb 2018

Thanks, never too old to learn.