by stock 22 Feb 2018

I can't cut my jump stitches close enough, having trouble with fonts, they look cut, but, when I hold the item against me and look down, there are always ends I cannot cut, what kind of cutter are you using I have tried fine sissors, the ones that come with my machine, and thread snipers but all no good....wendy


by airyfairy 24 Feb 2018

When I am embroidering fonts,I let my machine jump to the next letter, do about 4 stitches, stop and cut the jump stitch really close to the new letter. I leave the other end sticking up and cut when embroidery is finished. It takes longer but the finished results are good.

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stock by stock 25 Feb 2018

I am doing full pages of script for nursery rhymes, but is a good idea for names...wendy

by stock 23 Feb 2018

thanks for all your ideas, I do a lot of writing on my books, I don't know if the tweezers will fit in between but I will try....wendy

by pennyhal2 22 Feb 2018

I know exactly what you mean. I have that problem too. I get my fingers pinched when I use a spring scissor like below. Maybe my fingers are too fat? I find that I simply can't cut the jump stitches between letters close enough mainly for me because I can't get the points of the scissors or snips in there to begin with. Even if I can grab the thread with tweezers, I can't cut it with my scissors because there is no space in there to insert them. My snip pair has a hook on the end to hook it under the thread, but it mrerely makes a cut in the middle of the thread jump. It really annoys me, but I'm learning to live with it.

The machine I have will automatically cut the threads, but it makes a knot on the back of the fabric for each cut letter and if it does it for every letter, This causes a mess on the back and sometimes results in thread nests because it also makes a knot when it starts on the next letter. It also is very scratch on the skin. I was told that if I didn't want knots on the back to turn off the thread cutter which defeats the reason for getting this machine in the first place.

by rachap 22 Feb 2018

Not a tip on what scissors to use but often I put a small piece of clear water soluble stabilizer on the top. It makes it easier to get your scissor tip under the thread without poking a hole in your fabric.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 24 Feb 2018

Great idea!

by PeggyJ 22 Feb 2018

Very interesting topic. I use a tiny dab of Fray Check at the cut point of the thread to prevent thread from coming undone. Have not had a problem with it showing or feeling stiff, but use only a tiny dab.

graceandham by graceandham 23 Feb 2018

Be aware that there are two kinds of Fray Check. One leaves a stain. Don't know which one I obtained, so cautious about using ever.

PeggyJ by PeggyJ 24 Feb 2018

Never had a problem. So sorry you have.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Feb 2018

I try to remember to grab the thread with tweezers to get as much as I can before I snip it. Notice I try to remember. It helps but even it is not perfect all of the time.

by dragonflyer 22 Feb 2018

I use the spring snips shown below for the itsey bitsey jump threads, but for "normal" trimming, I use the small curved Kai embroidery scissor...they are wicked sharp. I also use tweezers to hold up the thread when cutting.

by graceandham 22 Feb 2018

I use the Spring action scissors pictured below. My dealer calls them circular scissors. They are so fast and so precise. In two weeks time, you'll never grab for a different scissor at the machine! Your machine company wants you to know, don't cut ends shorter than 1/2", as they may work through to the other side and ruin (undo) your beautiful work.

by basketkase 22 Feb 2018

Wendy, I also use the type of scissors as below, I cut as the jumps are created and I also use tweezers to hold one end of the thread, you can get really close then........

by jgwatchorn 22 Feb 2018

I love these Spring action curved tip Scissors.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 edited 22 Feb 2018

This is what I use. They are optical surgical scissors but I have seen them more recently becoming available for sewing and embroidery. They are very fragile so not good if you drop them. They cut really close and are easy to cut thread jumps between letters

RodnickBiljon by RodnickBiljon 22 Feb 2018

I hold the thread with a tweezer and cut or I use a curved scissors for applique

tuross by tuross 22 Feb 2018

I too use these snips and tweezers and get a perfect cut 99% of the time. The other 1% is normally user error or the jump stitch is less than 2mm.

stock by stock 23 Feb 2018

I have some of these, but, hav'nt used tweezers as well will try ..thanks

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Feb 2018

Here are my 2 favorites. I also use a tweezer to pull on the thread

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stock by stock 23 Feb 2018

hav'nt seen these before, will try them wendy