by awesome1 20 Feb 2018

I wonder if anyone here has an older Babylock Ellageo machine & the Hoop-it-All Quilter's Kit..the attachment that allows quilting with the 12.5 x 13 ''hoop-it-all'' ? I know it has been discontinued..extinct..but I still have my Ellageo and it performs splendidly. I just found and bought the Quilting 'set up' new in the box, never opened for a great price (it orig sold for about $500.00) I couldn't believe my good fortune, but I think I might have to go to night school to learn it. If there is an owner on this site, and you can rate it or give me any instruction, I would appreciate so much. Maybe another user could PM me and we could start a dialog. I love adding technical info to my brain cells, and I would love to do some quilting with this attachment. Thx in advance for any feedback!