by spendlove 20 Feb 2018

A little quitlet to cover a glass panel in my airing cupboard door. (60 cm x 110 cm including the bunting.) Pieced quilted, backed and joined in the hoop, the backing was finished by hand. (Picture for Kim!)


by kustomkuddle 21 Feb 2018

Beautiful. I really like how you tilted the boxes in boxes. Gives it a quirky feel.

by babash 20 Feb 2018

Very nice. Like the tabs down the bottom

by shirley124 20 Feb 2018

Beautiful. I used to have a electric airing cupboard. It was very useful when the children were young. Had to sell it when we moved due to no space to put it. Hugs

by sonjapotgieter 20 Feb 2018

Beautiful Quilt!!!

by pennifold 20 Feb 2018

I'm with Kim, I love seeing the back of projects too. Great job, as always Sue, love Chris

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Feb 2018

Thank you, Chris!

by bemara 20 Feb 2018

Looks great, with it you lure the spring, hugs Maria

by liliana1 20 Feb 2018

Looks really nice

by pennyhal2 20 Feb 2018

I love quilts best of all! The variety is great! I don't know what an "airing cupboard" is, but must be something you wanted to cover up!

spendlove by spendlove 20 Feb 2018

"In British houses, an airing cupboard is a warm cupboard where you put clothes and other things that have been washed and partly dried, to make sure they are completely dry."

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Feb 2018

Thanks for the pic's of the back and the explanation of the airing cupboard...never heard on one either...

by rescuer Moderator 20 Feb 2018

Beautifully done!