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by sebsews ( edited 17 Feb 2018 ) 17 Feb 2018

I was recently on pnw embroidery and saw this banner across the top. Reminder: this site will soon be unavailable. It's something to do with Microsoft and sites. I don't understand it do any of you understand it?


by queenofhearts 18 Feb 2018

I see this banner on this site. About PNW-Embroidery website

PNW-Embroidery website is hosted by Microsoft. They discontinued doing websites and this present one will disappear in March 2018.
Another site is being worked on. I’m not going away, just “remodeling”

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 18 Feb 2018

good to know!

by dragonflyer 17 Feb 2018

From what I can gather, Microsoft Office 365 has allowed an interface for websites...and that access if now being revoked...I think it is kind of like Microsoft discontinuing support for XP and Windows 7...when they are done, they are website owners like PNW and Britt fall into this situation where Microsoft is discontinuing to support their website least that is how I interpret it...

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rescuer by rescuer 18 Feb 2018

They are discontinuing the use and support of SharePoint and other website creators they offered in the past. They are going to Cloud everything they offer with subscriptions that require annual renewal. This means paying an annual fee to use their products. Their new (in Windows 10) Internet that replaces the big blue "e" makes the old website software obsolete. It also make the websites designed on it -- websites that must be migrated to be supported by another hosting service. They suggest going through GoDaddy or Wix for website hosting. Some older websites will have to be completely redone at a cost of $2500+ depending on the number of pages and content.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Feb 2018

I just went to the site and no banner. I think it has something to do with security. If you are running a older version of windows you may not be able to get to their site and probably many others inthe future. Someone else just recently received a notice from Emblirary, that they will no longer be able to do business with her. That is all the knowledge I have right now. Maybe rescuer can be more clear about it. I am running windows 10 and no problem on either one of these sites.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Feb 2018

I am going blind. On second look there is a banner.

rescuer by rescuer 17 Feb 2018

I hope I helped...

by rescuer Moderator 17 Feb 2018

Nothing to worry too much about. The website was hosted by Microsoft (meaning they provided the servers = really big and loud computers). They will work with another hosting site but the current one will close. They didn't say if the name would be similar or not.

Still confused? Ask more questions. I will help if I can.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Feb 2018

Now I realize how long it takes me to write a post. Ha, ha