by jenne 13 Feb 2018

I am making a jacket with piping has anyone ever done a garment with piping on it?


by toogie 15 Feb 2018

Yes, I have many times.Adds that special touch.

by rachap 15 Feb 2018

Yes, when I sewed mainly garments. and lately have been adding it to some bags. If you take your time, pin and baste it will be fine. Some machines now have a piping or cording foot available. The cord fits in a channel on the under side of the foot and the needle is set so it sews alongside and not through the cord. I have found it well worth the price.
Takeyour time, do it when you aren't tired and good luck!!

by graceandham 13 Feb 2018

No, but my friend who does piping says to check all your machines' ability at doing this if you have more than one. On some machines it is easy-peasy, on others it's a fight. And, if you have a friend who pipes, for a small amount of piping might be worth going to her machine! My new serger can do piping, although I haven't tried that out yet.

by mops Moderator 13 Feb 2018

I did too. In a weddingdress along the neckline. I also used piping in the long seams in a linen jacket. In what are called princess seams in Dutch: the curved ones that run from the armhole over the bust to the bottom of a blouse or jacket. The beige colour made the jacket look ever so boring, so I used red linnen for the piping, a 1" bias strip folded over a crochet cotton and made a straw hat in the same colour and it looked great.

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jenne by jenne 13 Feb 2018

Oh would love to see it, do u have a picture?

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Feb 2018

Yes ages ago