by tonilee 13 Feb 2018

hope someone might have and give me pros and cons of the embroidery machine babylock flourish11 my elegante is not so good after being a true workhorse so now I need a new machine and don't feel I can afford one with all the bells and whistles, the flourish has two nice size hoops but wondering if the larger hoop is big enough for a 6 inch design. hope someone out there has first hand information. thank you in advance


by katydid 15 Feb 2018

I have always been a Bernina girl, but the new models are too expensive for me, so I keep my older model. I do agree that service to your machine is most important so stick with a dealer that offers service and classes. Especially with the software.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Feb 2018

Thanks for reposting and I have deleted your original post. When I have bought a machine I had a discount for that day on threads etc. I know Brother can include PE design, additional frames and for the PR the table to hold it. Having a good dealer helps a lot. To me the most important is after sales support. Good luck with your new purchase and do let us know what you get

by dragonflyer 13 Feb 2018

I do not have the BabyLock Flourish, but I do know that it will accommodate a 6" x 6" design...and there is an optional 6" x 6" frame, a continuous border frame and a couple of smaller ones available. I have a BabyLock Ellisimo Gold and a BabyLock 10 Needle Valiant and I love them both. They are very user friendly and I found their was not a big learning curve to know how to use either of them. I would suggest you go to your local dealer (if you can) and really give it a test drive and also test it against others (even if they are out of your price range) so you will have a comparison of what it does versus the others...I would also suggest you talk to your dealer about a demo machine as there should be a fairly large discount over purchasing a new one...and most of the demo machines have not been used much at all...and they should come with the same warranty as a brand new support is a key for me...Good luck and keep us posted as to your findings and decisions. Oh, and if you do purchase a machine...try to get all of the optional extras thrown in...dealers usually are very generous with additional options if you are purchasing a machine...When I purchased my machines, I got everything included and the price difference between just the machine and getting all the extras was minimal...

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tonilee by tonilee 13 Feb 2018

what kind of extras, thank you for information