by sebsews 09 Feb 2018

Why does this happen? Stitching rows not the same. I have had this happen a couple of times doing the same embroidery design. Maybe fault of digitizer? I don't know but it ruins the embroidery and my day!


by stock 10 Feb 2018

If you digitize automaticly it always goes from each side to the middle, with the brother software digitising manually you can choose where to start and stop the fill of the design so this gap does not come, so I would say it is the digitizer ...wendy

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mops by mops 10 Feb 2018

It is not always designer's error. I showed some tests in Community digitising
A good underlay is essential.

by Sewmum1 edited 09 Feb 2018

I have seen this when software decides which pathways it will use to fill. It will fill out some areas and come back to the others later. It looks fine on the software and then shows gaps or overlaps when stitched out. Now excuse me if I don't explain this properly but I will try.
If the grain of the fabric you used is vertical when you stitched on it, the angle of this design is stretching along the bias of the fabric contributing to the overlapping and gaps along the stitch pathway. It may help to used an iron on stabiliser to the back of the fabric if possible. Please send me a PM if you need more clarification if I have confused you and I will try to explain better

Another factor influencing this is stabiliser and how firm it is in the hoop. Had this problem with one of my new hoops where the stabiliser moves along the long edges when stitching out large designs. I think it is a faulty hoop and i rectify it by clipping the stabiliser tightly to the hoop so it doesn't shift during stithing and also use 2 layers of stabiliser at opposing directions to each other.
Hope you can figure a way to make it work as it sounds like you really want to use this design

Forgot to add because you are using Terry cloth it may help to use some tulle(i use bridal tulle as i have lots of scraps) and or wss under the design.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2018

As a note on your large hoops, is quite common for the long sides of the large hoops not to hold the stabilizer or fabric tight enough...the longer the side, the more apt it is to allow slippage...this can be solved fairly easily by using a strip of rubber type shelf lining along the long sides when will take up the slack and really keep your stabilizer and fabric very stable...

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2018

If the problem is being caused by the object starting at one side and stitching toward the middle and then moving or traveling to another side and stitches back to the middle it is very common for this type of gap to can be easily remedied by moving the start and stop points to eliminate the object from stitching from two different points to meet somewhere toward the middie...hope that makes sense...this gap can most likely be eliminated by having the start point at the top and the stop point at the bottom so the design will stitch smoothly from the top to the bottom instead of splitting it...

mops by mops 10 Feb 2018

That is true for a solid object. Having an opening tn the object throws a spanner in the wheel. Even a simple circle will cause an overlap somewhere and a flower shape might make matters worse.
I have been struggling with this issue when I did the family crests lately. The hammer and anvil drove me bonkers.
I played with start and endpoints and the angle of stitching umpteen times to get the most acceptable. And the Maltese crosses in the top rectangle caused similar challenges.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 10 Feb 2018

Thank Kim, I agree longer hoops are known for that problem. The one causing issue for me is my spare.(I have 2 the same). It has a 2" section that must be bent or something and if I forget to clip the stabiliser to the frame in that section it will misbehave when stitching dense designs near that area. My good hoop doesn't have this same issue.
I tend to try other variables before spending time trying to fix a design that is not mine. Moving start and end points can be good if you have the software and time to test.

by mops Moderator edited 09 Feb 2018

The stripes often happen when there are non-stitched areas - in this instance for the flowers - that are later filled with another colour. The software makes an overlap, which shows in the stitch-out as the whiter stripe. Push and pull, however, can still cause gaps. The only advice I can give is to stabilise well, it will prevent those gaps, and it might make the fabric less translucent so the overlap won't show as much as it does now.

As for the digitising, even a slightly different angle of the fill can make a difference as the software might create a different sewing path, which in some cases reduces the number of overlaps. But it can't be totally avoided and the digitiser has no influence on it other than trying out various angles of the fill.

by pepbroidery 09 Feb 2018

Don't know what the back looks like. Sometimes a little oil and/or a new needle will help this.

by pennyhal2 09 Feb 2018

I'm not sure from your post if you mean you've actually have stitched this design out before without any problem, or you've always have had problems with this designs.

Sometimes I do a test stitchout just on stabilizer. I hoop a couple of layers of a heavy weight stabilizer and see what happens. That way I can tell if it's the digitizing, or stabilizer, or the fabric that has a problem.I've seen designs that look fine in my software, but stitched out wonky too.

by sonjapotgieter 09 Feb 2018

Such a pity and can be So Frustrating

by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2018

Hmmm, difficult to tell from the picture...what does it look like in software? If you can't see this distortion in software, perhaps the weave of your fabric is causing the distortion...can't see that is underneath the scallops that are wonky...If you see this in software, I would contact the digitizer...have you ever stitched this design out and had it stitch correctly? So many questions....

sebsews by sebsews 09 Feb 2018

I have stitched this design 3 times and each time it does this missing rows. The scallops and under them are fine. Rows to the left and right of flower do not stitch correctly. I will check the software again. Design is on a terrycloth towel. Thanks, Suzanna

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 09 Feb 2018

I might try it on a piece of well stabilized cotton and see what it does...then if problems still occur, I would contact the digitizer and advise of your issues and see what suggestions they might offer...I thought you were talking about the scallops at the bottom as they look a bit wonky in the photo...

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2018

I finally realized that the white part is the stitching you are having a problem with...I thought it was a white towel...silly me!