by elemausi 07 Feb 2018

Last year and the year before and this too I decided to reduce my scraps but after every project the basket with scraps was full as ever. I found these small purses on Pinterest but without instructions.They are great for storing small sewing items.


by bielie 12 Apr 2018

Here is a link to a free tutorial

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mops by mops 12 Apr 2018

That's a cute one too, but the ones elemausi made are different.

by mops Moderator 11 Apr 2018

They look very pretty. I like the zipper. Is it very fiddly to get the runner on the coil? That is something I have not tried before.

toogie by toogie 11 Apr 2018

Mops, look on youtube, Sweetpea Pod by Lazy Girl Designs. I think these are the bag. It doesn't show you how to cut the bag out, but it's just one side of the zipper, with a different zipper pull. I don't think you would HAVE to change the pull, though. Let me know what you think.

mops by mops 12 Apr 2018

I bought zipper on the yard with a number of pulls and I manage well with those to get a 'normal' zipper, it is the one coil folded double that gives me trouble, especially when it is a short length.

by bemara 11 Apr 2018

oh, die gefallen mir, hast du davon ein Schnittmuster oder hast du das auch ausgetüftelt? LG Maria

by toogie 10 Apr 2018

You did very well with these, I'm still trying to figure out how they are cut and assembled. The bottom seam looks opposite the top. Can you show us how you made these? It might be something a little different I could make for my gifts.

mops by mops edited 12 Apr 2018

I found my unfinished one, just pinned after the zipper half was stitched to the top and the pull hanging on one side only :).
I'll sew a new one and take pictures.

toogie by toogie 11 Apr 2018

Take your time, I'm not making anything this week, but thanks for offering to help.

mops by mops 12 Apr 2018

You start with a square of fabric, say 9", cut it in half so you get 2 half square triangles. One for the outer side, one for the lining (or make 2 from 2 different fabrics). Use some iron stabiliser if needed. Sew the zipper tape along the diagonal. Now fold the zipper tape in half and attach the pull, partly close it and stitch across the ends of the tape to secure. Then fold the whole thing flat, wrong side out, so the raw end of the zipper touches the top of the triangle forming a square and stitch the 2 open sides.
Then make two boxed corners in the usual way, about an inch deep.. Add lining made the same way.
Mine turned out to be approx. 6"x3"

Try it out with a paper napkin (without a zipper) - I did, hence the 9".

toogie by toogie 12 Apr 2018

I do believe I understand so gonna give it a try asap. Thanks mops for being so helpful!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Feb 2018

Nicely done specially since you had no instructions.

by liliana1 07 Feb 2018

These Look Great and so useful

by cfidl 07 Feb 2018

You did a fine job on these. I understand about the scrap bucket. Lol!

by RodnickBiljon 07 Feb 2018

Great job I really love them. They are so cute

by dragonflyer 07 Feb 2018

Nice job, did a great job figuring these out without any instructions...

by kustomkuddle 07 Feb 2018

These are great little bags. You are clever to figure out the pattern without any instructions.

by mrskiki 07 Feb 2018

I think those scraps multiply in the bin while we are not looking! Cute purses. Hugs. Nan

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elemausi by elemausi 07 Feb 2018

Yes, you are right, they are as calories, during we sleep they come and in the morning all its more than yesterday.

by pennifold 07 Feb 2018

Great job on them all Barbel. I love these little zipper purses. Love Chris

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elemausi by elemausi 07 Feb 2018

Thank you Chris, but I think my scraps will nevergo against zero. LOL