by babash 06 Feb 2018

I was wondering where Miss Veronica is situated is this site run from America by her or another country?

I have noticed a lot of the embroidery sites these days are from South Africa or Russia. Can't go by the $ you pay as most sites deal in the US dollar for their sales.


by babash 06 Feb 2018

Where out of America?
Maybe that is why Amazing Embroidery the sister site isn't getting any attention and still no new designs.

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rescuer by rescuer 06 Feb 2018

Not out of America -- inside the United States. She asked for some time to spend with family after the holidays. I know she added more than a few new designs a day during the holiday rush. I am sure she will do that again -- soon.

by jrob Moderator 06 Feb 2018

It is based out of the United States.

jrob by jrob 06 Feb 2018

Not outside of the United States, but within if I wasn't clear.

babash by babash 06 Feb 2018

When you say out of the United States it means out of the country.

rescuer by rescuer 06 Feb 2018

Good to know. Here in the US, we use it the way jrob has it here. Funny all the differences we have.

toogie by toogie 07 Feb 2018

Being from the USA, I understood jrob because I read it, like we speak. However, and this is where things can get misunderstood too, when we just read it, it does sound like she meant 'out of' the US.
Thanks for clarifying it for babash or others..