by dragonflyer ( edited 18d ago ) 18d ago

Can you smell the Gingerbread??? Here are two other versions of my ITH Gingerbread Coasters/Mug Rugs...not sure which one I like best...Cuties, love to hear what are your thoughts are?


by blueeyedblonde 15d ago

All are awesome!

by noah 16d ago

love them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL and i love the girls eye lashes !!!

by sebsews 16d ago

I like the first ones, nope it's the second set, and the third set I like too!

by peafarm 16d ago

Love them all but the curvy icing edged one is my favorite. Any chances of .......?

by embroiderb 16d ago

Very cute! My favorite is the mostly all brown ones with the squiggly iced border in image 3. They make me happy!:)

by jofrog2000 17d ago

Oh, so pretty, I think I like the ones with the ric rac edging. They look like you could just pick them up and bite into.

by digull 17d ago

All are darling and have their own charm, but I think the first ones are my favorite

by basketkase 17d ago

Kim, these are the cutest ever!! Great job.....

by clintonmiss22 17d ago

They are all cute, but the second set looks the most like a gingerbread cookie. You are sew clever!!

by dday 17d ago

Love the faces but 2nd set I like the best.

by sewtired 17d ago

Tough call, they are all so cute. At first glance, I liked the second set better, but as I looked more closely and took more time, I decided what I liked was the lack of a white border, but I found the white icing somewhat distracting from their cute faces and yet, looking back again before posting this, maybe not. Doggone it Kim, you ask hard questions.

by liliana1 17d ago

I love all of them, they look great. Thanks for sharing

by queenofhearts edited 17d ago

I like all of them but if I had to choose just one it would be the one with the rick rack border. But then again the rick rack is a bit distracting so now I am really confused.

by serendipity79 17d ago

They are all lovely Kim!!! it is hard to choose!!! love them all...Great job.. love Maria x x

by sonjapotgieter 17d ago

They Beautiful!!!Great work and designs!!!

by pennifold 18d ago

I love Picture 2 and 3. Love Chris

by Sewmum1 18d ago

Great job, love them all but my fave is the one with the wiggly border

by kustomkuddle 18d ago

They are all so cute but if I have to pick, I like the second one the best just like most every one. Love the rick rac icing all the way around. But they are all cute faces.

by sandralane 18d ago

I could not really pick one over the other, they are ALL stunning and super cute. Well done, a great job.

by stork 18d ago

I love the two in the center and the 3rd row. They have such personable faces. Great job!!

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stork by stork 18d ago

Heck, the top row is fabulous too!

by vodnivila 18d ago

I like the 3rd one. It looks like real cookie to bite.

by jrob Moderator 18d ago

No, please don't make me pick!

by crafter2243 Moderator 18d ago

So far we all agree. 2nd one, but they are all adorable.

by lilylady 18d ago

love the ones that look like zigzag icing. All are great!

by graceandham 18d ago

White rick rack icing all around. Stunning.

by brendalea 18d ago

Love them all, #2 is my favor out of the 3. Thank you for sharing
Happy Stitching

by babash 18d ago

Wow love them all. If I had to choose I would probably say the second set with out a border. But if I had them all I would use all as the variety looks great.

by shirley124 18d ago

Love them all. Hugs

by elemausi 18d ago

They all are cute, but I like the ones without a border the most. Looks more like real gingerbread.