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by pennifold ( edited 21d ago ) 21d ago

Girls weekend away. Dana and her school friends from when they were all in high school and Amy have gone away for 3 days of pampering, fun, R&B concert and wine tasting. Guess who is looking after Amy’s girls? Luckily Dana’s 3 stayed at a friend’s place last night and Jason has them tonight. It’s harder for Amy to get away on the weekend due to Steve working every Saturday and Sunday, so that’s where come in handy!!! Love Chris

1. Amy and Dana
2. The group of Mums enjoying the concert!!


by airyfairy 21d ago

Hope they have a wonderful time

by kustomkuddle 21d ago

Looks like lots of fun. It's nice that so many of them have stayed in contact with each other!

by dragonflyer 21d ago

Fun, fun, fun!! I am a tad bit jealous!

by 02kar Moderator 21d ago

Those glowing smiles say it all. I'm glad they all manage to get away for a weekend of pampering and fun.