by mops 02 Feb 2018

Cute Valentine Challenge.

At last I stitched my (ITH) mugrug I used the swan design and added the cross hatch around it. I did the swans as a rough edge appliqué.
Now to sew the second one I planned. Maybe tomorrow.


by lidiad 05 Feb 2018

That's beautiful, love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by jrob Moderator 04 Feb 2018

This is very pretty. I love the swans, too.

by pennyhal2 04 Feb 2018

Nice application of that design! The swans look so graceful. I like the soft edge applique a lot.

by toogie 03 Feb 2018

Great creative work. I thought the blue lines were your stitched grid, until I had a closer look. Well done. What size is this?

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mops by mops 03 Feb 2018

Thank you. It fits a 5x7 hoop. The blue lines are indeed woven into the fabric - that's why I needed to appliqué the swans. But your idea is great: just stitch it on white and do the quilting in a colour. Would be much faster as cutting the appliqué was quite fiddly.

by noah 03 Feb 2018

very nice work as always hugs

by basketkase 03 Feb 2018

Love it, Martine.....the design is beautiful.....

by lilylady 03 Feb 2018

Nice Valentine challenge. Pretty!

by sonjapotgieter 03 Feb 2018

Awesome design..Gorgeous

by kustomkuddle 02 Feb 2018

Beautiful design. I like the applique effect.

by graceandham 02 Feb 2018

Great as an applique.

by teun 02 Feb 2018

Die ziet er ja prachtig uit.Alles goed bij jullie

mops by mops 02 Feb 2018

Ja, bij jullie ook?

teun by teun 03 Feb 2018

jo,het heeft vandaaf geschneeuwt

by dragonflyer 02 Feb 2018

Very nice!

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Feb 2018

Great job. Love the way you put everything together.

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Feb 2018

Beautifully put together. I love this design and have thought of using it on a ring cushion. Also thanks for the idea of the swans as an applique. A great change to all your towels

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mops by mops 02 Feb 2018

Thank you. Yes, I am glad the towels are all done.

by liliana1 02 Feb 2018

Really nice, looks great

by rescuer Moderator 02 Feb 2018

Such a beautiful way of using the design!

by pennifold 02 Feb 2018

Very cleverly put together Martine, love Chris