by elemausi 01 Feb 2018

This clever keeping of your different needles I found on a Facebookgroup: Remove the black insert from an old CD case and you can see your needles, they use a small room and you have not to search for a special needle.


by fontmomma 07 Feb 2018

We should have a tip section.

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 07 Feb 2018

I totally agree.

by graceandham 06 Feb 2018

Thank you for posting a picture. My needles are organized, except the box of 100 is separate! I'm always looking for the next idea. I just buy organizers at the Salvation Army and toss them in the basement till I have a need, then I rummage through the supplies. I'm ahead about 6 notebooks at 50 cents apiece, which new at the office supply were $7. Have found several sorters for papers which worked really nicely for precut stabilizers. Two rectangular waste cans hold my rolls of stabilizers - one is for stable woven fabrics and one for stretch. A pot lid rack holds my assortment of rulers upright, for quick grabbing.

by meganne 03 Feb 2018

About 20 years ago I bought, three, two drawer, storage units for my DVD movies, each one holds 100 discs in individual slip covers, like a filing system.
They're a great compact system and so easy to find any movie..... the only problem was that I was left with 300 empty plastic cases!!!!
When I started looking for ways to use all the plastic holders, my supply of needles was the first thing I thought of, they're so easy to find the size and type.

Sadly I still have a whole cabinet drawer FULL of empty DVD cases because I haven't found any other way to use them. Anyone want some? :-)

pennifold by pennifold 06 Feb 2018

I'm coming down Friday to visit you and I also see it's going to be 38C - I think I might bring my bathers with me!!!!
Love Chris

meganne by meganne 06 Feb 2018

We might just have to go in for a dip at that! ☀️🌊🏊🏻‍♂️

by momac 03 Feb 2018

Nice idea, I have plenty of them lying around

by mariagiannina 02 Feb 2018

What a clever idea!! Thanks.

by arisann 02 Feb 2018

yes good idea, thanks!

by jenne 02 Feb 2018

I have a small tray I keep my needles in. I think it is a pencil try no sure where I got it.

by mrskiki 02 Feb 2018

What a great idea! Hugs. Nan W

by killiecrankie 01 Feb 2018

Clever idea.I'm with Mops ,I'll need 2 at least even though I've been trying to whittle down the different types of needles I use.

by jgwatchorn 01 Feb 2018

Thankyou, Cuties have ALL the best ideas...

sewist1 by sewist1 01 Feb 2018

As Elemausi said it was posted on A Facebook group.

jgwatchorn by jgwatchorn edited 01 Feb 2018

I don't have a Facebook Acc anymore, so very glad of this Site.

by lilylady 01 Feb 2018

a sharp idea!

by shirley124 01 Feb 2018

Great idea. Hugs

by liliana1 01 Feb 2018

WOW Great Idea thanks for sharing

by graceandham 01 Feb 2018

Thanks for this great idea.

by babash 01 Feb 2018

Never thought of using a CD cover. Thanks for the tip.

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by mops Moderator edited 01 Feb 2018

Have been doing that for years And I added a piece of shelf liner to prevent them sliding all over the case. Not that I need that now, I need a third case.

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mops by mops edited 01 Feb 2018

We seem to be using the same brand of needles

by kustomkuddle 01 Feb 2018

Thank you for a great idea.

by bielie 01 Feb 2018

very clever, thanks for sharing. I am doing this right now with my needles.

by airyfairy 01 Feb 2018

I must try this. Thank you for the tip.

by toogie 01 Feb 2018

Well, thank you for this great idea!

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Feb 2018

A neat idea and far better than my way