by 02kar Moderator 31 Jan 2018

I want to thank everyone for their prayers for Suzanne today. Her handsome hubby just called to say they are home and she is resting. The surgery went well, one lymph node needed to be removed. Both she and Dave are exhausted but glad this step is completed. Not surprising, she is very uncomfortable and very dizzy (Menierie's). So please keep the prayers going. It will be a tough recovery for her because she only has ice and OTC pain medicine to handle the pain at this point. Again, thanks to all of the prayer warriors and to everyone who has supported her through this very difficult journey.


by cfidl 02 Feb 2018

Thank you for the update. My thoughts are with her.

by kustomkuddle 01 Feb 2018

Thank you for the update. Continuing holding her and family up in prayer.

by airyfairy 01 Feb 2018

Thank you Karen. Wishing Suzanne well.

by dragonflyer 01 Feb 2018

Thanks for the update, Karen...let her know we are all praying for her...

by jerrib 01 Feb 2018

Thank you for letting us know. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.
Hugs a Bunch

by pennifold 01 Feb 2018

Thanks for letting us know Karen. I prayed for Suzanne at midnight and again at 4.00am this morning (Thursday 1st February) as I know we are 16 hours in front of Rhode Island where Suzanne lives. So glad to hear that she is home and resting. Please let her know of our prayers for her and the family as well. Love Chris

by gerryvb 01 Feb 2018

thank you for the update, prayers will continue. hugs for her and you )))

by meganne 01 Feb 2018

Thanks so much for letting us know her progress Karen.
It is a tough, emotionally draining, road and she will need all the love and support we can give.
I wish we could all send Suzanne and Jerri some FSL Angels to show our support. I know having them arriving helped me tremendously and I took them ALL with me to every consultation, surgery and treatment, they gave me great comfort.
Hugs n love, M

by graceandham 31 Jan 2018

Thanks for the heads up.

by stork 31 Jan 2018

Good news....Thank you for the update. Will continue to hold her in my prayers.

by sewdeb 31 Jan 2018

That's very good news. Thanks for the update, Karen. I'll continue to have Suzanne in my thoughts and prayers

by basketkase 31 Jan 2018

Thank you for the update, Karen.....have had her in my thoughts all day..

by rescuer Moderator 31 Jan 2018

Thanks for the update. Prayers continue...

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Jan 2018

Praying for the pain to be manageable and fast healing. Thank you for letting us know that she is home and how it went.

by dailylaundry 31 Jan 2018

Thanks Karen for the update! Good news the surgery went well. I will continue to keep her in my prayers!!! Thanks again!

by toogie 31 Jan 2018

I knew God would be with her because she called on Him. He says He will not forsake us. Prayers of thanksgiving and pain relief now. They had to remove a lymph node of my daughters, too, over 12 years ago. She has been doing well. Tell her DH we are sending cyber hugs her way!-Toogie

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Jan 2018

Just logged in and see this great news. Thanks for letting all of us know