by bemara 23d ago

Hello, know somebody of whom the embroidery file is or where I can find it? Thank you, Maria


by arisann 23d ago

Go to
Do a search: sisters are forever
The design will come up on that first page of the search.
Hope it helps.

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bemara by bemara 23d ago

to many love thanks to for your help, the designs of annthegran are very similar, but are not worked out so nicely, thank You ! :-), hugs Maria

by dragonflyer 23d ago

Sorry, but I have not seen this one...will keep a look out though...

by arisann 23d ago

cute, I looked but did not find...

by babash 23d ago

Sorry haven't seen this one before but will comment to keep it on the top. I am sure someone will know it.