by lique 30 Jan 2018

All designs are from embroidery library. I used the farm designs for the middle, the old Mac Donald’s designs as inner edge and then took the words of these designs for the outer edge. I am going to sell this one but wonder what to charge. Any ideas?


by sandralane 05 Feb 2018

Someone will treasure this wonderful piece of work, it is adorable. Hard to know sometimes what to charge, it is unique so price accordingly.

by ellycebaby 04 Feb 2018

This is just adorable

by peafarm 02 Feb 2018

Valuing something as this is the hard part-I made a wallhanging to put in our Homemaker Auction-in my part of the US we have what is called 'Farm To Table' dinners each yr. I don't attend because I do not spend a lot for restaurant style 5 course meals, let alone single meals that are expensive-the chef is paid for his supplies and I am sure his time--the 4H club for the school children get some profit and the auction money our county homemakers get [which we turn around and use for programs in our county. I had one girl in our sewing group to machine embroider out the outline winter birds designs--all fabrics and supplies I provided--I framed the designs in a machine stipple stitch, which I found free on internet site and I used a techinique I'd seen on t.v. and put the whole thing together with the sashing folded over to front and decorative stitching to hold it down. All this took a lot of time and planning. I told our group planning this that if it didn't bring at least $100.00 I was setting as bottom line then I would take the quilted wall hanging back and hang it on my own wall--one person bid on it and got it for $100.00. That made me happy but in reality these things like this are worth way more--until you do one of these--you don't realize all the hard work and what goes in to it. Still, others prefer a cheap price and only buy assembly made items. This is precious and an heirloom for someone's baby or child. I hope you get a lot for this and don't sell yourself short.

by toogie 01 Feb 2018

I really hope who ever this goes to, really appreciates the love and work you have put into this.
I just love how you have set the scene, with placement of all your designs. That took great figuring and hooping. The background fabric is perfect. Do you not have a family member you could pass it to?..... Of course then, you would not recover the cost of your materials..... I think it needs to go to someone very special.
Please keep us informed as to where it ends up. I hope you dated it and put your 'signature' on a label or the back. Who knows, it could turn up 80 years from now and one of your family members find it. Those items I posted in Community are very old.

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toogie by toogie 01 Feb 2018

Cuties, please remember to 'water' the flowers below, too. Everyone likes their gardens to grow.

by akmainejane 01 Feb 2018

Love it!

by mops Moderator 01 Feb 2018

Absolutely fab! 22 embroidered blocks, the middle panel and all those words in the outer border - I think you should ask at least 100 pounds. It is unique, it deserves a good price.

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lique by lique 01 Feb 2018

Thanks..I don't think people will pay this price, I realise that if you calculate hours it would be more than I ask for it but I hope it will just go somewhere where people will appreciate it. And I get enough money to cover my next project.

by glob69 01 Feb 2018

This is such a beautiful quilt. If I were selling it I would try on etsy and I would charge at least $ 125.00. I've seen some with much less detail going for that price. Beautiful work. I love it! Hugs, Gail

by S1erickso 01 Feb 2018

I think your much to low. Google says 60 pounds is about $43. I think a 40 inch square quilt with all that embroidery could easily go for $150 in Colorado. I can see either a grandma or a designer who needs a centerpiece for a high end nursery falling in love with it. It is a teaching piece. All the animals pictures and sounds.

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mops by mops edited 01 Feb 2018

I am afraid it's the other way round, $ 60 is about 85 pounds; $150 would be 105 GBP.

by claudette1957 31 Jan 2018

Félicitation, c'est très beau et bonne idée

by sonjapotgieter 31 Jan 2018

Fantastic work done!!Awesome quilt with lots of work..Gorgeous!!!

by basketkase 31 Jan 2018

Wow.......this is a terrific quilt....this will be a family heirloom!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Jan 2018

I am at awe at all the work you put in this quilt. I wonder if you were to put it in a auction like e-bay with minimum bid. I am not sure if you have anything like consignment shops in the UK. People are willing to spend more if it is sold in a store. Good luck with it, it is a heirloom piece,

by kustomkuddle 30 Jan 2018

It is a lovely quilt. with lots of time spent in creating it. Pricing is so difficult for me. I have been told on more than one occasion that my prices are low. Hope other cuties have good suggestions for you.

by katydid 30 Jan 2018

What a project!! Wonderful!

by pennifold 30 Jan 2018

Angelique this is glorious! It looks to me like it's at least 30 inches square. There is so much going on in this quilt and the amount of time, fabric etc. and the designs themselves, costing it would be difficult.
If it was mine I would charge well over $100.00 but to exactly work it out you would need to sit down and write all the things that you've spent on it. Good luck, it's a masterpiece. I hope you have put a quilt label on it too! Love Chris

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lique by lique 30 Jan 2018

Thank you. The cost of making it was about 40 pounds. I know I never get the hours I used to make it , but it is a hobby. I just have so many pieces laying around that I have to reduce it. As long as I can buy new material and keep my machines running I am happy. My initial thought was to ask for £60

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Jan 2018

Brilliant work. Are you planning on selling online/shop/craft fair? I would check out etsy, folksy and ebay prices. Pricing is always the hardest part of making something to my mind. I will have a natter with my closet Cutie friend and see what she comes up with then I will let you know. To other Cuties Lique is in the UK so it would be interesting to have price ideas from around the world as to how much it would go for in your bit of the universe. Thanks and hopefully monitory values will appear to give Lique ideas to start from

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lique by lique 30 Jan 2018

I hope to run a Christmas stall this year. I am not very commercial. I just want to make more items and I need to clear some of my made stuff.

by dragonflyer 30 Jan 2018

Nicely done! What is the size? As far as pricing for selling...all I can say is LOTS!!! Unfortunately one rarely if ever gets what the items are worth when selling something hand made....that is one of the reasons I usually don't sell my things....

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lique by lique 30 Jan 2018

It is about one metre by eighty centimetres . Yes people do not realise how many hours work are in a piece like this, but I love making things and I have too many finished pieces in my cupboard.

by liliana1 30 Jan 2018

So adorable. Very well done

by stork 30 Jan 2018

This is so cute!!!! You did a really great job and what a lot of work! Thanks for the inspiration.

by cooperal 30 Jan 2018

This will certainly become a family treasure. Your work shows a lot of love and I hope that where it finds a home it will be cuddled with love. About price? I just know that I never get what I feel an item is worth so part of it becomes my enjoyment in the making of an item. Blessings, Avis

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lique by lique 30 Jan 2018

I agree with the enjoyment of making items. I am already looking forward to my next project

by bemara 30 Jan 2018

Wonderfully what great work, looks great, unfortunately, it is not estimated a lot of work by the buyers- sorry, hugs Maria

by graceandham 30 Jan 2018

Really artistic framing and positioning of the designs. Pricing is so difficult on a piece with this many hours in it. Start with cost of materials - cost of designs, fabric,, stabilizer, batting, backing and LOTS of thread. (Think of the cost of 8 or 10 spools, at least.) Then calculate your time - add your hours of stitching, maybe 35 designs or so by 45 (?) minutes each. How much do you think you are worth per hour? Add together the material and your time costs. Then, consider how much is a grandmother going to pay for this darling quilt for her grandbaby, because the mom probably will not be spending that kind of money on it. If you were going to do something like this quilt again, what would you do differently to make it more affordable to your target customer? For example, you already have purchased the designs, so that's a savings. Maybe you would use more sashings and special fabrics as part of the design and fewer stitchouts, reducing your man hour costs. What if you put a design in each corner and then a smaller grouping, more spread out, in the center? Hope it sells well.

by dailylaundry 30 Jan 2018

This shows a lot of hard work - but, oh, my this is adorable!! Well done!