by michemb 28 Jan 2018

hello cuties,

I need your advice on the latest version of embird. I was recently forced to purchase a new computer and when I downloaded embird I had to purchase the embird 2018 upgrade. I since am about to go crazy with this program. I don't know if it is windows 10 or the new embird version but it is my irritation level is beyond high. Splittling, color choice, placement, everything seems painstaking complicated and I don't know why. Everything jumps all over the place and it does not preform anything like the old version.

I wonder if I can return to my old version even if I had to pay for the update I will do it without hesitation. Anyone else having this problem. Is window 10 the culprit? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated,

Aggravated and highly anxious,


by meganne 30 Jan 2018

I just remembered something else. You can test the integrity of Embird once you have installed it and it will identify any problems.
Open Embird, goto Help, then click on ABOUT
The screen below will open.....
Click on Test Integrity and let it run.
cheers, Meg

by meganne 30 Jan 2018

Hey Michelle, just remembered to look for your post.

I have to say I had never had a problem with Embird until I installed it on a newer Dell laptop, running WIndows 7. I tried W10 but rolled back to 7 because I couldn't get my Xpressive to work on it.

Well for the first time ever Embird actually crashes, totally without warning and usually when I've been so engrossed in the work I have forgotten to keep saving my work.
I have been too lazy to look into the reason for it and I haven't bothered upgrading since 2016 Version 10-17 so maybe it is time I did.
It is highly unusual that the Balaras would force you to upgrade so I do think it may have just been a glitch, one previous version is still available at if you wish to roll back.

You did select the correct download for your new computer?
the choice is 32bit OR 64 bit

If you have problems I definitely recommend contacting the Balara's directly, they are extremely helpful and very glad to receive feedback or notification of problems that might have been missed during testing after their upgrade.
Support Contact link:

I hope this is of some help.
Hugs n roses, Meg

PS, I will upgrade in the next couple of days, but definitely Not going to Windows 10, yet.

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meganne by meganne 30 Jan 2018

PS, just an afterthought, please disable ANY antivirus or anti-malware software you are using DURING the downloading process. It can and has caused problems with embroidery program downloads, in the past. Just make sure you enable it as soon as you have finished downloading Embird and Studio.

by pennyhal2 29 Jan 2018

Yes, these programs seem to be more and more complicated. There are two Embird Groups on Yahoo: Embird 101 and Absolutely Embird, they are extremely helpful and respond quickly. I use them all the time! I thought that you could download your old version of Embird from their site, but I might be wrong. So, check that option out too.

by michemb 29 Jan 2018

thanks girls, removed and reinstalled and it seems better, still a few annoying items but will continue to play with it and see what happens,

thanks again

by dragonflyer 29 Jan 2018

Every time I open Embird it asks me if I want to upgrade and I keep clicking on NO...I will be interested to hear from Martine, Sue and Meganne...

mops by mops 30 Jan 2018

Same happens to me - I don't mind the fee for upgrading but I still have Windows8.2 on the computer I am using for embroidery so I say No as well.
I wonder what the extra's are and hope s.o. has upgraded.

I did not upgrade 6D either - because of the $799 upgrade fee. I never use all the features anyway as I do a lot of digitising in Embird and rather spend that amount of money on s.t. else.

mops by mops 30 Jan 2018

If it opens again, check the box next to "don't show this message again" - save a lot of irritation, at least it did for me.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 30 Jan 2018

Thanks, Martine...

by pennifold 29 Jan 2018

Have sent you a PM, love Chris

P.S. I hope Meganne sees this post, she has Embird.

by dollygk 28 Jan 2018

Michelle, I opened my Embird to use it but got a message that I HAD to upgrade to the latest version and my program just shut down... so I have to upgrade if I want to or not!! You may not be able to go back to the older version!!! I don't think this is fare, we are now forced to upgrade or don't use the program.

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mops by mops 30 Jan 2018

I wonder why that happened, mine works just fine.

by sewist1 28 Jan 2018

Did you try uninstalling and re-installing . Is your computer 64 bit? Did you download the 64 bit version and not the 32 bit? Probably a good idea to re-download before re-installing in case your download was corrupted.